by babolucia ( edited 08 Jul 2013 ) 07 Jul 2013

Coffee Mug Rugs and gift bag

The mug rug designs are from Omas Place. I am hooked with her designs! Very good quality. I love the faux binding treatment very much. So much nicer looking and longer lasting than satin edges! They also stitch out very fast.

I will make more of these for sure.

On the gift bag, one side has a design from " Coffee Aroma Collection" (I got it from, not omas design) and the other side has the font by Cuties and Embird wording.


by arlene 08 Jul 2013

very nice. great with the bag. will make a wonderful gift.

by chefin 08 Jul 2013

looks very nice

by darenluan 08 Jul 2013

My hubby loves the design. Well done.

by clawton 08 Jul 2013

Very nice looking!

by edithfarminer 08 Jul 2013

Love them, would be scared to put a mug on them lol for spills.

by mops Moderator 08 Jul 2013

I contacted Monika of Oma's place and asked her. She does not want the method disclosed openly. Ideas are copyright free, but sharing her instructions is another thing. If you want to know how to do it pleas buy the design.
So I hope you understand why I removed the instructions.

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babolucia by babolucia 08 Jul 2013

Thank you! I totally understand. I already deleted everything when you raised this question to me to be safe. I agree it's impossible to copyright an idea or a technique. But her designs are great. It's well worth buying to find out how.

For the record, I didn't copy and paste her instruction sheet. I typed everything up from memory when I was trying to answer some questions about the technique.

by queenofhearts 08 Jul 2013

Amazing, I appreciate your instructions, not sure that I understand them unless I actually try it myself. But right now my machine with the 5x7 hoop is down so I will have to wait for awhile. Thanks.

by capoodle 08 Jul 2013

Amazingly neat way to finish the edges. They are nicely made.

by highlandermom 08 Jul 2013

Love these

by pldc 07 Jul 2013

these look terrific & thanks for the info on the `binding`` hugs Loralye

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babolucia by babolucia 07 Jul 2013

You are welcome!

by marianb 07 Jul 2013

They look great, would be lovely stand-by gifts for when friends drop by at christmas

by zedna 07 Jul 2013

Wonderful, well done!

by karenjay 07 Jul 2013

very very nice work

by basketkase 07 Jul 2013

These are wonderful......great work!

by legare 07 Jul 2013

beautiful work

by noah 07 Jul 2013

An awesome set !!u have done lots of work on these great job hugs Carolyn

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babolucia by babolucia 07 Jul 2013

Thanks Carolyn.


by queenofhearts 07 Jul 2013

Excellent job. How do you do the faux binding? I have not heard of it.

babolucia by babolucia 07 Jul 2013

Basically you do the big oval, and cut off the inner oval. Then do the inner oval as an applique. Very good idea and I will use that technique a lot from now on. I bought the set to find out how.

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 07 Jul 2013

I'm intrigued by this technique but I can't visualize how it is done..

bowlds by bowlds 07 Jul 2013

Is the final step putting the back fabric on upside down and sewing the big oval stitch? I too am having a problem wrapping my brain around that.

jerrib by jerrib 07 Jul 2013

The binding looks to me like it is folded over to the front, then the oval is added over the edge and then satin stitched around. Hugs Jerri

bowlds by bowlds 07 Jul 2013


bowlds by bowlds 07 Jul 2013

It's all in-the-hoop

jerrib by jerrib 07 Jul 2013

I haven't done much in-the-hoop, but it could be done this way, couldn't it. There are no stitches on the edge of the big oval part?

babolucia by babolucia edited 08 Jul 2013

Yes, it's in the hoop, but involves some minimal sewing.

bowlds by bowlds 07 Jul 2013

Close as I can figure, you would hoop stabilizer, layer thin batting (or no batting?), beige for the inner oval, and right side up binding fabric. it would stitch the inner oval outline, you would remove the binding fabric from the inner oval part, sew the design, lay another piece of binding fabric face down over it all, stitch the outer oval outline, remove from hoop, put a slit in the back fabric, turn, press and sew the little slit in the back by hand. See, I've been thinking about this! Not sure if that's how it's done, but I think it would work.....????

babolucia by babolucia edited 07 Jul 2013

Very close! I guess you could lay down the white fabric first. Would work the same as long as the design gives you the small oval placement first.

bowlds by bowlds 07 Jul 2013

Nice! Thanks, I wasn't too far off. Interesting way to do the back. She has some neat in the hoop finishing techniques for sure.

babolucia by babolucia 07 Jul 2013

You are welcome!

by oaro 07 Jul 2013

very nice

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babolucia by babolucia 07 Jul 2013

Thank you!

by bowlds 07 Jul 2013

I love that faux binding also! Those are to Oma's for me!

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babolucia by babolucia 07 Jul 2013

On her website, you get the Dad's Tie Mug Rug for free when you spend 10 dollars right now (I have received mine in the email yet).