by dchamberssc 06 Jul 2013

ITH purse challenge from Sue at Cuties Design. My first attempt and I love them! I shrunk the pattern to fit my hoop, these are the perfect size for credit cards, license, etc. These are addicting! Thanks Sue, for a great pattern! I have now cut many different fabric pieces and can't wait to make more!


by lilylyn 07 Jul 2013

Your purses are great. Lyn

by spendlove Moderator 07 Jul 2013

Well done! Glad to have you aboard.
To search for designs by any digitiser, add their avatar after the slash in the url. eg www.cuteembroidery/suedewsbury
That will take you to a new screen with all of their contributions. If you then click on Designs by Cuties, all of their designs will be there for you.

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dchamberssc by dchamberssc 08 Jul 2013


by chefin 07 Jul 2013

All your bag Looks Great

by bevnorris 06 Jul 2013

Love them and your choice of materials! I am wondering where the challenges are located, please?

dchamberssc by dchamberssc 07 Jul 2013

I am new here and cant figure out where I found things at easily. I believe it was under community by Sue. I'm sure one of the more experienced members can point you in the right direction! Btw, I then found a link to all of Sue's designs (don't know how I got that either, sorry!) and she is amazing! us out! :) thanks!

bevintex by bevintex 07 Jul 2013

Sue just threw out a challenge to those who were intimidated by the zipper bags, now you have no excuse not to make these.

by oaro 06 Jul 2013

nice bags

by capoodle 06 Jul 2013

Nicely made and they are fun.

by marianb 06 Jul 2013

Great job! they are very addictive as are many of Sues designs, you can use the sticky velcro dots as i sometimes do i just add a few hand stiches for that extra security.. show us your next creations

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dchamberssc by dchamberssc 07 Jul 2013

great idea! thanks, and much easier for me!

by dchamberssc 06 Jul 2013

Thanks everyone :). This is by far, my favorite craft inspiration website! You guys are amazing and so talented!

by noah 06 Jul 2013

yes some designs just get under your/ my/ our skin i love cross stitch lol
your wee purses are excellent hugs

by highlandermom 06 Jul 2013

These are all very cute.

by bevintex 06 Jul 2013

these are fun and easy to do,what do you close them with? Velcro or something else

dchamberssc by dchamberssc 06 Jul 2013

Lol, noticed that huh? I was having trouble with the elastic loop in the exact center, so I skipped that part. They fold very flat, so no closure was added. It fits perfectly inside my smart phone case......will try again on the elastic loops tho, I would love to add some of my polymer clay buttons that I made to these and make it even more personal!

lilylyn by lilylyn 07 Jul 2013

To help me place the elastic loop I sewed the placement stitches out first and then resewed the stitches over the elastic. Sue's purses are great. Thank you Sue

by pldc 06 Jul 2013

WHAT A GREAT JOB! I love the fabric choices, & welcome to our cute family, hugs Loralye

by sewilso 06 Jul 2013

They are very cute!!!