by fennyz 30 Jun 2013

Please i need your comment on this Pritty Kitty in Pink.

This little kitty has a differant face..she is a bit sad...
I relay like to know is this possible for a stuffie?


by buffy1 04 Jul 2013

wow she is cute

by fennyz 04 Jul 2013

Thank you cuties for your comment of pretty kitty..
I think i leave her as she is..
well as a thank you ..i be making another doll just for you cuties!
please wait a bit..almost reddy...:)

by hoschel 01 Jul 2013

very funny and cute again.... go on and let us see more.... :o)

by edithfarminer 01 Jul 2013

She looks full of wonder lol. Hey what is going on. Very cute

by anabela 01 Jul 2013

She does not seem sad to me. It looks like she is watching something and thinking:
- what is going on here?
I Love her

by justsew 01 Jul 2013

I think she is sooooooo cute.I love her.
Hugs Pam.

by persiancatlover5 01 Jul 2013

wonderfull work and i like the look she has its not sad at all it looks suprised,it looks great like it is now,gr connie

by greytgirl 30 Jun 2013

I think your little kitty is purr-fect just like she is!!!

by marianb 30 Jun 2013

Love the suprised look, the different expression give them a personality all of their own.. kerp her as is

by sewilso 30 Jun 2013

She is very cute, different too, loved your Sid stuffie too!!! It sewed out very nice.

by contessasophie 30 Jun 2013

Cute kitty, To me she looks surprised. I would keep her as is. Variety is the spice in life. We can't all be smiling all the time! LOL

by basketkase 30 Jun 2013

I am a huge fan of animal, particularly cat, designs and I love this...great expression!

by karenjay 30 Jun 2013

I love her as she is

by sbott54 30 Jun 2013

She's adorable and I know little ones would love i; I sure do!

by drh2276 30 Jun 2013

I think she's adorable just as she is!

by gump 30 Jun 2013

I love it.

by oaro 30 Jun 2013

looks great

by rsehorse 30 Jun 2013

I think she's cute. You could even add arms and legs and I guess you'd need a tail too.. Have fun. Susan

by brendalea 30 Jun 2013

Kitty looks a little surprised or as if she / he has seen a ghost. Love it
Happy Stitching

by quail 30 Jun 2013

I think the digitizing and idea are great. What if you put a very small smile right at or under the whiskers. Then she would look as if she were asking a question. It still amazes me how wonderfully you artists can create emotions with just a few features. What a talent!

by pldc 30 Jun 2013

ah she could be a booboo kitty, good job! hugs Loralye

by susiesembroidery 30 Jun 2013

She is really pretty and I think she can help a lot of sad kids to share their feelings. Lovely.

by bowlds 30 Jun 2013

I like it.

by cherylgauteng 30 Jun 2013

This looks like anticipation - what will happen ! I am sure that a lot of kids can relate to this ?

by cfidl 30 Jun 2013

a bit surprised, but all is good... she is really sweet.

by toogie 30 Jun 2013

To me, she looks like she is waiting in anticipation, expecting something.She's cute to me-Toogie

by shilly 30 Jun 2013

Great for helping kids express their this.

by asterixsew Moderator 30 Jun 2013

Miow, miow oh so sweet

by kanny 30 Jun 2013

I love it ... love how all your stuffies have different expressions.