by bonnetgirl 22 Jun 2013

I love to make little stuffed animals and wanted to make something different for the children at hospice so I decided to make some of these....I also will sell them at craft fair in fall. I am using polar fleece that I have had sitting around. I have purchased these at dejah Vue designs. She is real reasonable for her stuffy patterns. I will be uploading others to show you also.


by marianb 23 Jun 2013

Cute little critter

by highlandermom 22 Jun 2013

He is very cute.

by arlene 22 Jun 2013

he is soooo cute.

by noah 22 Jun 2013

excellent :):)hugs

by karenjay 22 Jun 2013

love him - I am off to that website as it is new to me - do I need to hide my credit card?

by Midnight1 22 Jun 2013

Very cute.

by oaro 22 Jun 2013

so cute

by cfidl 22 Jun 2013

Here is the link

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bevintex by bevintex 22 Jun 2013

Thank you

by drh2276 22 Jun 2013

He's really cute!

by bonnetgirl 22 Jun 2013

Ok for those of you who could not find the site.....and oh this one is called Frankie the fox lol.

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bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 22 Jun 2013

this fox is the 6 x is also in 4x4...5x7...and 10x12. I am pretty sure.
Hugs Joann

by cfidl 22 Jun 2013

I like stuffie! Fantastic design and stitching! Hope they do well at the fair!

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cfidl by cfidl 22 Jun 2013

The fox is the Cutest of the pieces. .

by pldc 22 Jun 2013

oh this is a cutie! well done. Hugs Loralye

by joansatx 22 Jun 2013

Cute! I've been searching for foxes and you've got this cutie. Thank you! Bless you and your work for others.

by devon 22 Jun 2013

great work so cute

by bevintex 22 Jun 2013

can you post the link? I find an embroidery site but it has no stuffies. Thanks

by bonnetgirl 22 Jun 2013

Oh forgot to add I used red, white, polar fleece.