by rsloan 05 May 2013

Just came back from a winter in Florida (retirement is soooo fun). I made a flurry of projects the last few weeks I was there, and here are a few of them. I made this white jacket for my sister - she loves it. It was the first project I made with multiple hoopings. It's from EmbLib e4890 Island Paradise designs.


by reallyrob edited 06 May 2013

What part of Florida were you in? I missed this winter in Florida, as I stayed in Chicago caring for my grandmother. I live 6 months Illinois and then the other half of the year I live in Jensen Beach on Hutchinson Island.

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rsloan by rsloan 08 May 2013

We are in Ft. Myers in the winter. We had beautiful weather and back home in Indiana it was SNOWING and SNOWING. I'm glad we missed it.

by oaro 05 May 2013

very nice

by 02kar Moderator 05 May 2013

Oh you make me homesick. Less than 14 months and my husband and will be back home in Florida for good. Beautiful embellishment.

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rsloan by rsloan 08 May 2013

Well, I know you will enjoy it as much as we did. This is our second winter in Florida and it was more wonderful than the first. See you on the beach.. or maybe the golf coursel... if I can pull myself away from my machine (Ha)

by rescuer Moderator 05 May 2013

Very pretty

by myrizun 05 May 2013


by zoefzoef 05 May 2013

Very nice !

by highlandermom 05 May 2013

Very pretty you did great stitiching

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rsloan by rsloan 08 May 2013

Thank you - I'm still new at this and I sweated bullets trying to line it all up.

by cfidl 05 May 2013

Got a spare bedroom? kidding... Love your stitching!

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rsloan by rsloan 08 May 2013

Come on down -- and bring your machine.

by noah 05 May 2013

very nice and living in Florida for the winter is my dream hugs

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rsloan by rsloan 08 May 2013

It has been wonderful -- the pressures of "back home" just melt away. But the grandkids are up north and we miss them. But I did get a lot of projects done -- now we are home and I'm luck to sew 2x a week -- and I miss it!