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by jasanne 01 Jun 2008

something a little sweet and lighthearted for the darling in my life :) The fabric was a offcut of silk from my wedding dress and the ribbon was used in the decorations too.. 11th anniversary coming up soon :)


by dlmds 02 Jun 2008

How special, some times I think the men in ours lives feel left out. I am sure he will be pleasently surprised. H.&*'s

by gerryvb 02 Jun 2008

what a nice gift to remember your weddingday

by mops Moderator 02 Jun 2008

Lovely bookmark and a great idea to use a remnant of the material your wedding dress was made of.

by joaniessw 02 Jun 2008

That is a sweet gesture and bookmark. I am sure he will love it. *4U ><>

by nglover1 01 Jun 2008

Such a thoughtful gift for your hubby. I know he will treasure it. A flower for you.

by pat71896 01 Jun 2008

Very nice! Is this design here on this site?

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jasanne by jasanne 04 Jun 2008

The design was from http://www.allsortsembroidery.20m... I put it in a bookmark outline I found on there too.

by jrob Moderator 01 Jun 2008

That will be a real treasure and hold history in his heart. ;)

by colmag 01 Jun 2008

What a lovely memento for him to keep *4u

by geruvyme 01 Jun 2008

A cute design but what I love is the thought of using the fabric from your dress and the ribbon, these items are what makes it a treasure! WOW!

by dlonnahawkins 01 Jun 2008

Very nice, and the fact that is from a scrap of your wedding dress, and ribbons - good choice. Bet hubby likes it too.

by nini 01 Jun 2008

Beautifull! I bet your DH will treasure it! *4U

by shirleysisson 01 Jun 2008

This is so sweet. *4U

by minnieb 01 Jun 2008

sweet I would have to say " your mine"

by lbrow 01 Jun 2008

maybe everytime he looks at it he'll give u a kiss. everytime he looks at it *4U

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jasanne by jasanne 04 Jun 2008

:) now there's a thought :)

by pafhen 01 Jun 2008

Love your bookmark jasanne

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jasanne by jasanne 01 Jun 2008


by coco128 01 Jun 2008

that is nice and for sure will be appreciated ..**4u

by shirlener88 01 Jun 2008

jasanne, very nice work - I am sure dh will treasure it, too! *4U

by tmbache 01 Jun 2008

Very nice bet he loves it and thinks of you each time he sit down to read. flowers to you for sharing

by annmounce 01 Jun 2008

That's nice. I have never tried to make one (newbie) but you have inspired me. I'm sure your husband will appreciate the gift.

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jasanne by jasanne 01 Jun 2008

thankyou. I only made my first one recently, the instructions seem more complicated than they really are.