by castelyn 19 Apr 2013

Cushion cover, that went with the Wedding Gift set,for Sally and Raymond.

Applique L V E and put a 3D flower for the O.

Did this in 2 hoopings of 5x7
Also made a table runner out of the red fabric.

Hugs Yvonne


by oaro 22 Apr 2013

nice job

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castelyn by castelyn 22 Apr 2013

Thank you Marie, Hugs Yvonne

by cfidl 21 Apr 2013

great idea, I love adding texture!

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castelyn by castelyn 21 Apr 2013

Thanks ***4 all -hugs Yvonne

by mysew1325 21 Apr 2013

very cute..

by blueeyedblonde 20 Apr 2013

looks good - great job!

by noah 19 Apr 2013

very nice ,they will love it i am sure hugs

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castelyn by castelyn 19 Apr 2013

Thanks so much for the comments, really appreciate it. Saw them the day of the wedding, Sally did say that she could not believe that I had made them.She said that they were lovely. So I'm hoping that she will send me a picture, when they get back. Hugs Yvonne

by highlandermom 19 Apr 2013

Lovely gift set.

by pldc 19 Apr 2013

wow 6 cushion covers, that will be so very pretty all put together with the runner! great job Hugs Loralye

by rescuer Moderator 19 Apr 2013

Lovely wedding gift!

by 02kar Moderator 19 Apr 2013

What a special cushion to treasure. Great work.

by anabela 19 Apr 2013

Yvonne, if I ever get a divorce and marry again I'll have a gift from you like this, hahahhah
Do you agree? Don´t worry, that day will never come.
Well done
Big Kissy

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castelyn by castelyn 19 Apr 2013

Thanks Anabela, you know it does not have to be a wedding gift. It could be for a birthday or anniversary as well.

Hugs Yvonne