by KrystynasWorld 18 Apr 2013

FSL Lace Hearts for my son's wedding this Saturday. They are white on blue tissue lame with a blue Swarovski crystal stone to match the sapphire stone in her engagement ring. There is a little organza pouch tied to the ring with three Jordan almonds - three for the Trinity and almonds for luck and sweetness.


by zoefzoef 21 Apr 2013

this is a very beautifull gift. I bet all the guest will keep this forever.

by KrystynasWorld 21 Apr 2013

Many thanks to everyone for your support. The guests loved them. I am so happy that I was able to make something for them after Hurricane Sandy caused us to lose our home and all the wedding things that I made early

by blueeyedblonde 20 Apr 2013

great job!

by Lsliane 19 Apr 2013

Oh how nice - you take my red-heart-design for a wedding. I like it very much this kind.
All the best for the young couple :)


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KrystynasWorld by KrystynasWorld 19 Apr 2013

Yes! Thank you so much Liane for your beautiful design! It came to my rescue. I had planned on making many more things for their wedding including the bride's veil, but we lost everything - including our house - to Hurricane Sandy so I was limited, but I think this gorgeous design more than makes up for it.

by greytgirl 18 Apr 2013

Absolutely beautiful!

by capoodle 18 Apr 2013

They are a beautiful wedding party favor.

by shirley124 18 Apr 2013

Very nice.

by beatie58 18 Apr 2013

Just love them! Lots of work but will be so worth it. Hugs Sally

by cfidl 18 Apr 2013

Very sweet idea and gift. Beautiful designs and stitching. How many and how long did it take you to make?

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KrystynasWorld by KrystynasWorld 18 Apr 2013

160. Half way through my Brother PE-770 AND my Babylock Sofia2 called it quits and both had to go to the shop. I got the Babylock back but each took about 1/2 hour to stitch out on it and only 11 minutes on the Brother.

by rsloan 18 Apr 2013

Apr 18, 2013 -- Absolutely beautiful - a real keepsake.

by teun 18 Apr 2013

Sehn ganz toll aus ,wünsche euch allen ein schöner Tag

by stork 18 Apr 2013


by clawton 18 Apr 2013

They are great.

by pldc 18 Apr 2013

beautiful & such a lovely thank you gift! have a beautiful sunny day!

by gerryvb 18 Apr 2013

these are gorgeous! hope you all have a beautiful day saturday and congratulations!!

by oaro 18 Apr 2013

very nice

by highlandermom 18 Apr 2013

Very lovely and great idea.

by sewinhuggs 18 Apr 2013

Wonderful,now everyone at any other wedding that you go to will want you to make some for them. Beautiful

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KrystynasWorld by KrystynasWorld 18 Apr 2013

My husband helped a lot and actually asked me, "If you were to sell these what would you charge?" -- I told him that he'd have to get me a much faster machine to even consider it!

by laffma1 18 Apr 2013

It's lovely. They will look marvelous for the wedding, and the young couple will cherish this with the momentos from their special day, Very nicely done!!

by rescuer Moderator 18 Apr 2013

Beautiful gift!

by basketkase 18 Apr 2013

These are gorgeous!!! Great idea!

by sewilso 18 Apr 2013

This looks very nice!!!

by buffy1 18 Apr 2013


by noah 18 Apr 2013

excellent job enjoy the wedding hugs carolyn

by anabela 18 Apr 2013

Wow, it looks great well done
Hugs Bela