by sewfrenzie 27 Mar 2013

This is a poncho I made for my granddaughter out of leftover pieces of polar fleece. It could be part of the challenge IF she would have let me embroidery on it, lol! She couldn't wait for me to get it finished. She even wore it to bed the night before I got the ruffle on it, lol!As you can see I ran out of the striped print so we found a lighter color with lions on it, (her choice, lol) for the hood. She wore it Saturday night and most of the day Sunday while she was here visiting. And mom said she wore it to bed Sunday night too. She was looking for a t-shirt to wear under it so she could wear it to school Monday, and got distracted so never did wear it to school.


by lenamae 28 Mar 2013

Very pretty .beautiful Grand daughter.
Hugs Lenamae

by pldc 28 Mar 2013

she is adorable & for her to show how much she likes it makes it all the better! way to go! Hugs Loralye

by cfidl 28 Mar 2013

She is beautiful! Looks like love....

by mysew1325 27 Mar 2013

she is so adorable in this very cute little poncho you made..

by 02kar Moderator 27 Mar 2013

Love it. She is so cute in it. Both of you have good taste.

by pennifold 27 Mar 2013

What a sweetie and the Poncho is great too. Love Chris

by oaro 27 Mar 2013

looks nice and warm she is so cute

by jrob Moderator 27 Mar 2013

Now that's the kind of appreciation that gets grandbabies what they want. ;)

by blueeyedblonde 27 Mar 2013

awesome! certainly loves what gramma makes!

by highlandermom 27 Mar 2013

Very sweet girl and great job on the poncho.

by noah 27 Mar 2013

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Sweet great job Grammie hugs

by rescuer Moderator 27 Mar 2013

Great job on the poncho! Beautiful granddaughter too!