by emily16838 21 Mar 2013

Tapestry bags to store the Christmas quilts I made for my girls.


by teun 22 Mar 2013

Sieht gut aus

by pldc 22 Mar 2013

I use this idea all the time & it makes a great gift bag all in one love the fabric choice too

by means edited 22 Mar 2013

Wonderful idea and nice job. Love the button border on the door..looks like on a ribbon perhaps but than again see a pin sticking in the fabric beside it. Is this a padded surface? Which ever it is nice.

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emily16838 by emily16838 22 Mar 2013

This is a large bulletin board on my closet door. It's covered with flannel and I glued buttons on the wood border.

by highlandermom 21 Mar 2013

Great idea love the fabric.

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emily16838 by emily16838 22 Mar 2013

It was some bargain tapestry fabric...I'm trying to use things that I have.....

by capoodle 21 Mar 2013

Nice way to keep them organized.

by buffy1 21 Mar 2013

great job

by shuede 21 Mar 2013

You think of everything! Your girls are so lucky to have a mom like you!!

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emily16838 by emily16838 22 Mar 2013

I think you're a pretty special mom too.

by noah 21 Mar 2013

Wow mine go on a shelf!!What that on your door??Looks like shells???Buttons???Awesome hugs

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emily16838 by emily16838 22 Mar 2013

My button covered bulletin design board, covered in flannel and some lace.

by oaro 21 Mar 2013

nice fabric great idea

by mysew1325 21 Mar 2013

great idea..

by blueeyedblonde 21 Mar 2013

good idea!

by marianb 21 Mar 2013

great idea! well done..thanks for sharing huggs Marian