by mysew1325 10 Mar 2013

The Grinch... and this quilt was so hard to do.. had to take the pictures and make the frames to fit the little squares.. it took almost 3 weeks to get this far.. it is 80 x 110.. now it will go to the quilter to work her magic..I just have to do some embroidery in the blank green block.. it is hanging over the railing so you can't see all the rest which is two more rows of Grinch pictures.. it will be bound with he green and lime green stripe..


by petdenhan 13 Mar 2013

by CottonPeony 13 Mar 2013

Endurance.. that's what we're all made of. And just look at your result.. how grand and perfect for the holidays!! Hmmm, how about adding your own style to the last box.. and the date which it was created, besides every artist signs their name to their work!


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mysew1325 by mysew1325 13 Mar 2013

I always put my name and date on the quilts.. trying to think of something special..

by Midnight1 12 Mar 2013

I can think of no other word then WOW Congratulation on your stick to it.

by myfantasia 12 Mar 2013

Wow, amazing.

by tauberschmitt 11 Mar 2013

wow super klasse

by muflotex 11 Mar 2013

awesome, love it and all the dr seuss stories too

by castelyn 11 Mar 2013

Kathy, this looks stunning. Well done. Hugs Yvonne

by cfidl 11 Mar 2013

Wow! I have made a quitl top bigger and yep I set it aside. I will pick it up again, as you are inspirational for your endurance! I love it! thanks for sharing!

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 11 Mar 2013

I figured I can't start anything new till this is done.. because no one else will do it if I don't..

by capoodle 11 Mar 2013

Well worth all your efforts that went into making it. It is a beautiful quilt.

by greytgirl 11 Mar 2013

Your Grinch quilt is absolutely stunning! You can see that a lot of hard work went into making it! Great job.

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 11 Mar 2013

thank you

by bethelb 10 Mar 2013

Worth all the hard work you put into it .

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 edited 10 Mar 2013

thank you.. I just kept working on it , I was the little train that could.. but I was close to ..... I did a lot of ripping out because one thing or another didn't line up just right.. but I am glad it is almost done..

by cj2sew 10 Mar 2013

What a wonderful quilt. I wished you lived here I would have you put it in our Guild's Quilt Show. Mighty big quilt - please let us see the quilter's magic too.

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 10 Mar 2013

I will.. but that will be a while.. have to save up some money.. Lots of birthdays this month and next..

by justonlyme 10 Mar 2013

I would say that all of that work was worth the effort. You have a very nice pictorial quilt here. Great job!! You should post it again after you get it back from being quilted. Enjoy it!! :)

by clawton 10 Mar 2013

Great work!

by shuede 10 Mar 2013

Nice job! Looks great!!

by teun 10 Mar 2013

Sieht ganz toll aus

by pennifold 10 Mar 2013

Dear Kathy,

Wow! Great job on the quilt - I love anything with a Christmas theme. You've done so well on getting it all to match up and great borders too. Love and blessings Chris

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 10 Mar 2013

it was so hard

by baydreamer 10 Mar 2013

How strange is it , I just am finishing a quilt with a similar layout, which is something I hadn't intended to due. So I love it

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 10 Mar 2013

i found it very hard and almost put it aside for ever.. but i just kept plugging along with it.. and it is almost done..

by oaro 10 Mar 2013

is beautiful

by buffy1 10 Mar 2013


by momhome 10 Mar 2013

You did a great job. This is so bright and pretty. It will look beautiful decorating your house during the Christmas season.

by susiesembroidery 10 Mar 2013

It looks lovely.

by michemb 10 Mar 2013


by yvh 10 Mar 2013

That's really cute! Great job!

by pennyhal 10 Mar 2013

This is a delightful quilt! What type of fabric is the embroidery done on?

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 10 Mar 2013

the embroidery will be done on cotton.. these are pictures from a fabric panel.

by pldc 10 Mar 2013

wow you have done a terrific job it turned out awesome! husg Loralye

by karenintw 10 Mar 2013

Beautiful job!

by de105 10 Mar 2013

A great looking quilt!

by noah 10 Mar 2013

Way to go:):) costly after two kits but you will have it for life right???
Great job hugs carolyn

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 10 Mar 2013

actually the kits were on sale so the quilt cost was great.. but I did purchase extra fabric..

by highlandermom 10 Mar 2013

You did excellent job with all your framing wow. The fabric choices really brings out the colorful Grinch story.

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 10 Mar 2013

it was a hard quilt to do.. I made it bigger than the throw that was in the kit.. I bought two different kits..

by anne55 10 Mar 2013

Wow! How amazingly beautiful! I love it!!!