by bunnyhop 08 Mar 2013

here is what my spare bedroom looked like before we started and i forgot to put my pink dress on which holds my rubber stamps. also my thread stand what my husband made out of scrap wood and dowels.


by sewinhuggs 09 Mar 2013

Love your new room, it looks soft and soothing. I just know it will be a great place to have fun in.

by dfaughton 08 Mar 2013

Looks really nice! Great Job!! Just what every woman needs....

by justonlyme 08 Mar 2013

I love what you have done here! We are trying to re-do the interior of my house so that I will have a studio, but I think I need an energy infusion to get it done! There is that inevitable mess before the finished product, and we are at that stage now. I think your room is beautiful. Enjoy!!!

by sdrise 08 Mar 2013

Nice work space! Good job! suzanne

by mysew1325 08 Mar 2013

this is a great space.. you did a great job arranging your treasures..

by oaro 08 Mar 2013

this was will thought sewing room project and a great help from your husband Congratulation looks great .Maria

by candyterence 08 Mar 2013

bel lavoro complimenti

by noah 08 Mar 2013

God Bless Hubby .He knows the way to your Heart hugs

by highlandermom 08 Mar 2013

I can tell lots of thought went into your room. It is well organized. I love your rubber stamps holder. I made a fabric plastic pocket holder I hung on back of my door to hold paints and brushes. Would not hurt to make another few for other goodies for my closet area so I can free up a basket or two in room.

by jrob Moderator 08 Mar 2013

Lucky girl! ;)

by 02kar Moderator 08 Mar 2013

I love the room. It will be a lovely, cheerful, happy room to spend many many hours in creating treasures.

by baydreamer 08 Mar 2013

How lucky are you, nice room. Your husband gets some PHP,
(perfect husband points )

by petdenhan 08 Mar 2013

wow lucky you love it......just love the