by bunnyhop 07 Mar 2013

my project for the last 3 weeks was to have my craft room painted and sorted hope you like the colours. it's tidy at the moment. x


by blueeyedblonde 18 Mar 2013

great - good for you!

by castelyn 09 Mar 2013

Looks great. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Yvonne

by dianap 09 Mar 2013

wow what a lovely area to sew in, enjoy

by buffy1 08 Mar 2013

looks great!

by justonlyme 08 Mar 2013

Looks heavenly! Enjoy!!

by sdrise 08 Mar 2013

Very nice job! Suzanne

by marfa 08 Mar 2013

Nice. - very organised

by adavisx3 08 Mar 2013

Very nice. Are the thread racks purchased or made for you? I really like them; they are just what I need. Would you be able to show a close up picture of them? - Thanks for sharing.

by greytgirl 07 Mar 2013

Your craft room looks so inviting! A place for everything and everything in it's place. I am in the process of re-organizing my craft room too and can only hope it will look as good. Great job.

by gigi70alvarran 07 Mar 2013

Wow very nice clean ,organized congrats.:}

by designcrazy 07 Mar 2013

Very nice! Wish I could get my room organized, but I sew in a bedroom that one of my grandsons uses when they spend the night. Thinking about going from a full size bed to twin or bunk beds. Nice work, need a before pic!!!!!LOL I wouldn't want any of you to see how my room looks right now!!!!! Jane

by smburt 07 Mar 2013

I love it, I love everything. Especially love the neatness.

by marianb 07 Mar 2013

looks amazing peace and serenity NOW make some of those "keep out" signs for the door and you're set...Happy Sewing

by mysew1325 07 Mar 2013

wow.. this is so very nice... love all the storage you have

by highlandermom 07 Mar 2013

Spring time and peaceful. I love it and happy you got. Even if you do make a mess you know where you goodies goes and can just enjoy the sunshine and many projects. I hope you have a do not disturb sign at your doorway.

by oaro 07 Mar 2013

looks well organized now the hard think to do is to keep it organized me when i am in staff everywhere my next project is to paint my swing room will be big job thank you for the color idea Maria

by rescuer Moderator 07 Mar 2013

It looks like Spring and so well organized.

by pldc 07 Mar 2013

It looks terrific love the curtain fabric too & the colors of the room are sew inviting! good for you

by corinney 07 Mar 2013

Looks like a great room to get creative in! Love the warm colors! :0)

by shirley124 07 Mar 2013

Lovely colors. Well organized room. I hope you spend many happy hours creating in there, Shirley

by capoodle 07 Mar 2013

Nice pleasant space to work in. You have lots of natural light and can see the sunshine on your desk.

by pennifold 07 Mar 2013

Looks cheery, welcoming and well organised. I hope it can stay that way! he he he! I know when I'm sewing there is stuff everywhere! Love Chris

pldc by pldc 07 Mar 2013

me too, lol

kanny by kanny 07 Mar 2013

me too and not contained just too sewing room.

by marron1 07 Mar 2013

it looks lovely the colours are very pretty ,,,,linda

by anitapatch 07 Mar 2013

Very nice. It is lovely to have your own corner

by noah 07 Mar 2013

Oh it is Awesome .Now to keep it this way .I love the light coming in your windows that helps u see .I had a wall opened and a window put in cause i am in the basement lol now i can see lol Great job and i am very happy for u hugs Carolyn

by kitty2011 07 Mar 2013

Nice. - very organised.. I need to sort my sewing room too