by nanniesara 20 Feb 2013

Wonderful afternoon spent with Lillian aka lbrow and her husband. We talk almost everyday, but there is nothing like time spent together. She has been a lot of help over the telephone helping me decide ho to do this quilt. When I have a sewing problem I call on her. Nothing like a good friend. She is not only an awesome seamstress but a great friend. Meet her right here on Cute about 5 yrs ago. Feels like I have known her a lot longer!.

Quilt I made for my youngest granddaughter Vivian.
A little late she is turning 2 in April, but large enough she can enjoy for a few more years. Cannot wait for her to come this weekend and get it. The yellow and green are actually brighter than what shows in the pictures. If you look close you will see the pink flowers in the green.
Thanks for looking.


by pennifold 21 Feb 2013

This is just lovely Sara and I'm so happy you got to meet up with Lillian. Love and blessings Chris

by clawton 21 Feb 2013

A very lovely quilt.

by teun 21 Feb 2013

Sieht ganz toll aus,tolle Farben

by noah 21 Feb 2013

excellent love it hugs:):)

by mysew1325 21 Feb 2013

this is so sweet.. great job... love the colors

by dailylaundry 21 Feb 2013

Absolutely a beautiful quilt that Vivian will love!!! So wonderful that you and Lillian have been able to meet and know each other better - isn't CUTE great!! Well done! Hugs, Laura*

by nanniesara 21 Feb 2013

Forgot to add not sure where all the designs came from the font is called Green Bean, sorry not sure where I purchased it also.

by nanniesara 21 Feb 2013

Thanks to each and everyone of you. This is the third 4th quilt I have made. The first 2 were 28+ yrs ago. I think I may try some more now that I have found that I can quilt on my machine. Flowers to everyone. Love time with friends on here and in person.

by lbrow 21 Feb 2013

I think you did an awsome job on this Sara. I too enjoyed your visit. I really wasn't any help except to do what you already knew how to do. Just helped you have confidence in yourself. The pictures really do not do it justice. It is beautiful and Vivian is going to love it/Lillian

by Nanasings 21 Feb 2013

This is wonderful, a very lucky girl. I love the colors and the embroidery.

by kanny 21 Feb 2013

lovely job making things for loved ones theres nothing better :)

by beeash 21 Feb 2013

Lovely and nice colour combo

by anabela 21 Feb 2013

I love it, so cute and the giraffes are awesome. You did a perfect job. I am looking myself for a pattern to make a quilt for my first grandchild , a baby girl who will be born in July. A quilt of that genre would be an optimal choice.
Great work

by rielmar 21 Feb 2013

Shines through your words all the love put into this blanket! Wonderful work! :))

by chefin 21 Feb 2013

Very nice cute giraffes

by mops Moderator 21 Feb 2013

It's lovely, the colours, the giraffes, I love it!

by shuede 21 Feb 2013

Cute giraffe quilt! Nice work!!

by pldc 21 Feb 2013

It is just darling well done to you both! there is nothing like a cutie friend too!

by dianap 20 Feb 2013

I just adore your quilt well done. :)

by highlandermom 20 Feb 2013

This is beautiful!!!!!

by capoodle 20 Feb 2013

It's a lovely pattern. Always helps to have a cutie give helpful advise. Think we keep each other inspired.

by 02kar Moderator 20 Feb 2013

What a happy comfy looking quilt. Nice job.

by katydid 20 Feb 2013

precious!! Lillian is my friend also. Kay

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lbrow by lbrow 21 Feb 2013

That I am my dear Kay, thank you so much for calling me friend. Much love/Lillian

by smburt 20 Feb 2013

That is such a beautiful quilt, I love the colors. Your Granddaughter will love it.

by rgotter 20 Feb 2013

I love it. The colors are so cheery.

by designcrazy 20 Feb 2013

Hi Sara, I like your quilt you've made for your GD. I bet she will LOVE it. How close do you and Lillian live? How nice of her to help you!

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lbrow by lbrow 21 Feb 2013

We are about 50 miles apart and I was so glad to have Sara visit. We so seldom get out anymore except for have to visits to Drs./Lillian

by oaro 20 Feb 2013

this looks beautiful