by rsloan 12 Feb 2013

I was inspired by awesome1's stitchout of Katulle's firebird - so I made one too. It's on an olive green shirt with burnt orange and khaki threads. Try one for yourself! Thank you Katulle - we Cuties LOVE your designs.Becky


by blueeyedblonde 13 Feb 2013

great job!

by capoodle 12 Feb 2013

Looks good in any color choices.

by highlandermom 12 Feb 2013

Looks great on t shirt.

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rsloan by rsloan 12 Feb 2013

Thanks everyone - my mother has now claimed this shirt as her own, so maybe I should make another for me.

by marianb 12 Feb 2013

Very nice, it does look great on a tee shirt. Well done

by buffy1 12 Feb 2013


by jrob Moderator 12 Feb 2013

Looks wonderful! ;)

by noah 12 Feb 2013

yes it is awesome:):)

by awesome1 12 Feb 2013

I want so badly to see your version, but my computor is not loading. I will be back later--hope it will be here then!

awesome1 by awesome1 12 Feb 2013

my computer is finally cooperating. Doesn't it stitch out beautifully? And I was overly confident & put it on sheer poly shoulder wrap. Wow! You just can't go wrong with this design. Thanks again to Katulle for her wonderful talent.

rsloan by rsloan 12 Feb 2013

Your stitchout really did inspire me - and how versatile this design is in different colors. My hoop wouldn't let me move the tail as much as I wanted but it looks okay. Becky

awesome1 by awesome1 13 Feb 2013

Becky, I had to re-hoop for parts 2 and 3, and I was using my 10x6. Doing rehoop, I finally just "eyeballed" the joining sections. But I was pleased with the outcome, & I'm gonna do it again--but on something special! Or maybe jeans as shown in the upload.

by susiesembroidery 12 Feb 2013

It looks lovely.

by oaro 12 Feb 2013

this looks nice

by pldc 12 Feb 2013

well done, I am thankful for her talents too!

by mad14kt 12 Feb 2013


by katulle 12 Feb 2013

Good work!

by mysew1325 12 Feb 2013

this is so pretty..

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rsloan by rsloan 12 Feb 2013

Thank you.