by mops 05 Feb 2013

Cross stitch honeysuckle.

When Carolyn asked a question about 5D Cross stitch I wanted to illustrate my answer with a few pictures of steps taken, so I made this simple design.
I had to use it at least once, or rather trice. And yes, it will be turned into yet another notebook cover :)


by airyfairy 08 Feb 2013

Beautiful - I love cross stitch in any shape or form. Sarah.

by blueeyedblonde 08 Feb 2013

nice job!

by manami 06 Feb 2013

I love it! I never tried cross-stitch, this looks great! Well done!

by kezza2sew 05 Feb 2013

wow you are very clever Martine. I have the real deal here, in yellow. I read what highlandermom said how interesting is that....I sometimes pick flowers and bring them inside for their perfume..I did hand ribbon honeysuckle flowers years ago...hmmmm, now what ever happened to that?......

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mops by mops 06 Feb 2013

We have a cream with a tinge of pink one in the garden, smells delicious when in flower. At the moment it's a mess of seemingly dead branches waiting for spring to arrive.

by marianb 05 Feb 2013

and what a lovely cover it will be!

by capoodle 05 Feb 2013

A delicate design.

by oaro 05 Feb 2013

looks nice

by oaro 05 Feb 2013

looks nice

by highlandermom 05 Feb 2013

Looks great! I would love to add on the xstitch but can't for while.
I have a orange coral honeysuckle as well as the yellow fragrant variety on my property. I love it. Most think of it as a avasive plant around here but. It is the next best thing to reg doctor antibiotics. It don't build up resistance like synthetic medicine either. I have had it clear me several times with upper respitory that comes in a cold season. Results for me being, done over with in few days where others with same symptoms & doc visit had to go back.Honeysuckle also balances blood sugar if high or low it balances it.

mops by mops 05 Feb 2013

How do you use it, leaves for a herbal infusion or tea?

highlandermom by highlandermom 05 Feb 2013

The flowers it takes me a while when they come in bloom I get a bucket pick till the smell is too much bring in and I have sewed tullie and netting type bags I hang them up. I shake the bags to stir blossoms up so they dry nicely elsewise would get some mold. Then I use if needed with other things depending on need. Mums dried I add one to tea takes out the itchy eye with a cold for example. I have peppermint and sperimint to add to teas because most anything herbal has not best flavors. I use as tea mostly. I have some burdock for liver cleanser in some strong whiskey I infused for my immune system. I had got boils for a little while playing the menopause thing. Very glad that done and over with. I took interest in the outdoor pharmacy about 10 years ago when we did not have no insurance. We still don't and I am thankful for my handy outdoor help.

kezza2sew by kezza2sew 05 Feb 2013

I would love to see a photo of your coral honeysuckle flowers if you can one day..I have the yellow one and yes here they say it is a pest also...I love it....

by basketkase 05 Feb 2013

How awesome, Martine!!! This is true cross stitch and is marvelous!!

mops by mops 05 Feb 2013

For the purists: I mirrored the design in the basic customizing unit, so the cross stitches are going in the opposite directing in the middle one :(

basketkase by basketkase 05 Feb 2013

Well, it looks like it was done by hand, it is digitized so well!
My Bernina program doesn't have this type, I don't think, unless I need to investigate the cross stitch not very versed in this area, but I sure know a great design when I see one, and this is it!!!

mops by mops 05 Feb 2013

Thank you! You really have to look at the back to know for sure it is ME.

by noah 05 Feb 2013

Wowwwwwww awesome i haven't got back to trying cross stitch yet .Sunday is busy for us .Yesterday spent most of my day in town and had to leave my Husqvarna at the shop :(:(but****thats ok Carolyn

by 02kar Moderator 05 Feb 2013

Very pretty design. I think it wil look very nice on a cover.

by jenne 05 Feb 2013

Love anything in xsitich this would look good in yellow too. simple and nice you can't beat it.

by spendlove Moderator 05 Feb 2013

This is a lovely design. Simple but elegant. I've been considering the cross stitch plug-n for Embird. Have you use that at all?

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mops by mops 05 Feb 2013

No, I haven't used or bought the Embird one as I had this already in the 5D software.

by pennifold 05 Feb 2013

I just love cross-stitch. I always buy designs, I didn't know you could do them in the 5D programme. Gee, I have so much to learn about this ME! Love Chris

mops by mops 05 Feb 2013

You need the 5D Cross Stitcher, it's part of 5D Pro or can, I think, be bought separately. It's very easy to use, especially if you have a nice picture or an existing chart - just click the raster square in the colour of your choice.

jenne by jenne 05 Feb 2013

Mops, do you used it in with embird. I do not have embird I use sew what. can it be used with that progam?

mops by mops 05 Feb 2013

Both the 5D as well as the Embird cross stitch program are add-ons not freestanding programs.

powagrl by powagrl 05 Feb 2013

jenne, you can purchase a plugin from myriaCross for the SewWhatPro software. It's very reasonably priced.