by karikares 28 May 2008

This was my first try at digitizing. I took a picture of the car that my brother-in-law built and embroidered the picture and name of his car on a blanket. I included the picture I worked from… I hope this uploads so everyone can see it. It is not perfect but was a fun project and he loved it!


by karikares 30 May 2008

Thanks again to everyone for your kind words! It makes me want to start another project now! :) hugs and * to you all!

by stickmuster 30 May 2008

SUPER! Congratulate, very well succeeded! Flowers for it

by pafhen 29 May 2008

your first try????? WOW !

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karikares by karikares 30 May 2008

Yes it was my first try. I had never before embroidered by machine. I got my new machine and this was my first project. I think it was a bit more then I planned... but did complete it before Christmas!

by clawton 29 May 2008

I think it looks great. Nice work.

by auntbaba 29 May 2008

It looks great to me!

by simplyrosie 29 May 2008

Kari, you did an amazing job... I emailed you, because I too have a Singer and am looking at purchasing the PSW program. Is this what you're using? Thanks for sharing your blanket! Great job.

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karikares by karikares 30 May 2008

It was great to hear from you. I hope I answered a few of your questions in my reply. :)

by babyred 29 May 2008

You did a great job! This looks wonderful. I am sure loved it. *4U

by kttyhwk4 29 May 2008

Wow, what a fantastic job you've done. Know this made a hit with the bil.

by karikares 29 May 2008

Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words. It was lots of fun and I am glad I got to share it. Everyone has such neat projects.. I would love to try them all. Hugs and flowers to you all :)

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 29 May 2008

work on it - one day at a time!

by lbrow 29 May 2008

Gr8 job Kari *4U

by sandralochran 29 May 2008

Well done

by emily16838 28 May 2008

Wow! I think first try at digitzing was a huge success. It looks great. I'm sure it will be treasured.

by shirlener88 28 May 2008

kari, great job - did you show this before? I am sure that I saw it and posted on it? Hmmmmmm! *4U

by colmag 28 May 2008

Great job, the digitizing looks fine *4u

by dlonnahawkins 28 May 2008

Wow - I wish I could get into digitizing with my program - maybe when I can quite work, and stay at home more. Keep up the good work!

by jrob Moderator 28 May 2008

Wow, I'm impressed!:)

by jasanne 28 May 2008

Wow - lovely. Great result for a first try.

by coco128 28 May 2008

That's great .. your first attempt and looking great .. and I love the oldie .. ***4u

by gerryvb 28 May 2008

I think it's very good embroidered and digitized, compliments to you *

by mops Moderator 28 May 2008


by dianned 28 May 2008

Wow! This is amazing! What digitising program do you use? (A flower for you, of course!)

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karikares by karikares 28 May 2008

aww thanks! I used the singer program that came with my sewing machine. My machine was brand new and I did not know there were other programs out there. :)