by rsloan 04 Jan 2013

4 Jan 2013 I made this shirt for my DH for Christmas - he made his living as a photographer for 20 years and has an antique camera collection. So, this was a perfect fit for him. It's from Embroidery Library G6007 Camera Stack.


by chefin 05 Jan 2013

I love it its soooo nice!!!!

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rsloan by rsloan 06 Jan 2013

Thank you! I'm so encouraged with everyone's nice remarks. Becky

by vero28 05 Jan 2013

Perfect gift for a former photographer.
I had the same idea but with elements computer.
Happy new year 2013 full of beautiful embroidery.

by capoodle 05 Jan 2013

Perfect design for a photographer.

by deidrefay 05 Jan 2013

This looks great - you did well to find such an appropriate design for your husband.

by arwens 04 Jan 2013

This is really nice!

by noah 04 Jan 2013

Well done i hope you got many hugs from him lol :):)

by momhome 04 Jan 2013

These look great. They stitched out really nice. I'm sure your husband loved the shirt.

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rsloan by rsloan 05 Jan 2013

Thanks -- he did like it a lot.

by kriebelkontje 04 Jan 2013

Wow nice job!!!!! my compliments

by joanne8125 04 Jan 2013

Wow, great job. Love the designs

by clawton 04 Jan 2013

Love it!

by pennyhal 04 Jan 2013

NIcely done!

by pldc 04 Jan 2013

this is terrific, well done

by anitapatch 04 Jan 2013

Very nice and stitched out very well. Not so easy

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rsloan by rsloan 05 Jan 2013

Yes it stitched very well and I was surprised because it was a dense design and a fairly thin knit shirt. Beginner's luck I think...

by mad14kt 04 Jan 2013

I L*VE IT!!! ;D *2U

by jrob Moderator 04 Jan 2013

What a nice job. I love the cameras. ;)

by oaro 04 Jan 2013

this is nice

by highlandermom 04 Jan 2013

This is a nice stack of camera's design. I remember couple of those anyways.

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rsloan by rsloan 05 Jan 2013

Yes, my hubby had all of these at one time. Thanks.

by mysew1325 04 Jan 2013

very nice job.