by lawmedassistant 27 Dec 2012

3rd and final quilt. I did the 3 of these quilts for my 3 kids for Christmas. All done within a month, and yes - it killed my back to get them done. Glad they are done now. Next quilt will be for Relay for Life - due in March. Thanks for looking.


by sandralochran 28 Dec 2012


by oaro 28 Dec 2012

lovely woork

by deegee 28 Dec 2012

Lovely work. You have done a great job.

by deidrefay 28 Dec 2012

This is a very pretty quilt. I am sure your children were thrilled that you made these for them.

by loosie 27 Dec 2012

Well done, you'll need a little break to rest up your back before the next quilt project :)

by greysewist Moderator 27 Dec 2012

They look fantastic to me, but a whole lot of work for you! Well done!

by arwens 27 Dec 2012

This is cute!!! I love it I think I might make something close to it for my grandbaby when she's a little older

by capoodle 27 Dec 2012

This Paris themed quilt is lovely.

by 02kar Moderator 27 Dec 2012

Well done. I understand about back pain.

by pldc 27 Dec 2012

you have outdone yourself & this one also looks fantastic too, I am sure they will each love their OWN personal quilt! TERRIFIC! hugs Loralye

by clawton 27 Dec 2012

Very nice.

by noah 27 Dec 2012

Way to go i love doing Quilts best :):) Great job hugs Carolyn

lawmedassistant by lawmedassistant 27 Dec 2012

I've made a couple quilts before these and hated doing them but since I now make each block individually (top/bottom/batting) and connect them with sashing I now love doing them. :)

pldc by pldc 27 Dec 2012

you did quilt as you go? wow thats even better!

lawmedassistant by lawmedassistant 28 Dec 2012

Thank you. I love "quilt as you go", no more fighting with the bottom fabric and batting. Goes together nicely and easily. :)

by highlandermom 27 Dec 2012

Looks very nice I love the hot pink and shine.

by blueeyedblonde 27 Dec 2012

way to go!