by sbott54 26 Dec 2012

Suedewsberry's Rag Doll

Sue, Thanks for the Rag Doll. My niece was so overjoyed with it that she cried happy tears of joy! Everyone was astonished that I made the doll. The doll was a great hit! Thanks so much!


by castelyn 28 Dec 2012

She turned out great, well done. Hugs Yvonne

by blueeyedblonde 27 Dec 2012

she's adorable - what did you use for her hair?

sbott54 by sbott54 28 Dec 2012

I used Lion brand Homespun yarn, I think it's called Sierra. I liked the goldilocks look the yarn gave the doll. My family has a lot of red-haired and golden-haired members and I bet the little girl will have something close to either of these colors eventually.

I tried what Suedewsbury suggested and wrapped the yarn around a hardbound book. I first took some press-n-tearaway stabilizer and cut two 4-inch strips, then took rubber bands to hold the first strip down, with sticky side up. After wrapping the yarn, I aded the second sticky strip with the sticky side down. Sewing was easier this way, preventing any misteps under the needle plate. Thanks for asking. Sue's designs are fantastically easy to use!

spendlove by spendlove 28 Dec 2012

That sounds a really good tip - thanks.

by loosie 27 Dec 2012

She's adorable :)

by mysew1325 27 Dec 2012

she is adorable you did a great job.

by spendlove Moderator 27 Dec 2012

Well done! Isn't it great when the recipients really loves the gift?

castelyn by castelyn 28 Dec 2012

Great job Sue - hugs Yvonne

sbott54 by sbott54 28 Dec 2012

Sue, I sure owe you a great big hug for the delightful doll you digitized! I sure appreciate your hard work and your generous nature in sharing your talent with us Cuties here! I enjoy handmaking gifts for family and friends; it shows them that I put a lot of thought into what I give and it's from my hands and heart to theirs.

by oaro 26 Dec 2012

she is so cute

by highlandermom 26 Dec 2012

The very Best gift ! I love making things for others. It allows us time to think of those we are making for.Best to watch them recieve. Thanks for sharing.

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sbott54 by sbott54 28 Dec 2012

And you know it's unique and they'll remember you always when they see it, knowing they are loved. Yes, we are sisters in spirit here, aren't we?

by pldc 26 Dec 2012


by justsew 26 Dec 2012

Fantastic, what more could you ask.
hugs Pam.

by ansalu 26 Dec 2012

She looks so cute and you have done an amazing job. Just the making of all the breads would need hours...

by noah 26 Dec 2012

Way to go:):) it so nice when someone loves what u make hugs carolyn