by pldc 16 Dec 2012

I found some great funky fabric for my teenage grandkids, sew I made them each a pillow case, I know that they need to be pressed but I am way too tired to do it right now. I think they will really like them & I may even put thier names on them sew they don't fight over who's is who's LOL


by pldc 17 Dec 2012

for my teenage grandkids it means this: don't fight or argue give PEACE a chance. they are typical teenagers & they think this means peace & that is all that it means. I did not wish to offend anyone with these, I apologize Carolyn if I have offended you Hugs Loralye

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noah by noah 17 Dec 2012

ok no problem its just that we did a long months of study with the police and i learned so much No problem i love you:):) hugs as always Carolyn

by noah 16 Dec 2012

Google the peace sign and see what it really means !!::(:( believe me it don't mean peace:(:(Carolyn

capoodle by capoodle 16 Dec 2012

When I see the psychedelic colors used on a peace symbol I thing of the hippies of the 60's 70's era when the war was on and they wanted peace, love and victory. The other in black and white is the dark side and through the years can mean various things to different cultures and countries.

noah by noah 16 Dec 2012

To me it mean the defeat of Christianity my cop(police son) there is a teem directed at this i can't say more and its not good !!hugs

noah by noah 16 Dec 2012

I wanted to add i was a flower child YEARS AGO lol

by capoodle 16 Dec 2012

Those are going to be a big hit with the boys and brighten up their rooms.

by 02kar Moderator 16 Dec 2012

What fun! You and the pillows will be a hit.

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pldc by pldc 16 Dec 2012

thanks Karne hugs Loralye

by sqdancer 16 Dec 2012

Great job Loralye - now you just toddle off to bed and press them tomorrow....sleep tight...Hugs Glenda x0x0x0

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pldc by pldc 16 Dec 2012

sounds like a wonderful idea! I think that I will thanks Glenda Hugs Loralye

by loosie 16 Dec 2012

Wonderful, my daughters fight over pillows all the time too :)

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pldc by pldc 16 Dec 2012

thanks Lucy Hugs Loralye

by oaro 16 Dec 2012

love the fabric

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pldc by pldc 16 Dec 2012


by pennifold 16 Dec 2012

Wow! Loralye, these are so funky! Love the peace sign. Love and blessings Chris

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pldc by pldc 16 Dec 2012

thanks alot Chris, hugs Loralye

by mysew1325 16 Dec 2012

these are great

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pldc by pldc 16 Dec 2012

thanks very much, hugs Loralye

by cj2sew 16 Dec 2012

I know for a fact teenagers will love these. My friends kids want the peace symbol on everything they wear, read, and play with. To be tie dyed even makes it more appealing. Way to go grandma. LOL

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pldc by pldc edited 16 Dec 2012

well maybe Nana will be a "star" this Christmas LOL,thanks alot , hugs Loralye

by highlandermom 16 Dec 2012

Those remind me of my teens. These are neat and love the name adding idea.

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pldc by pldc 16 Dec 2012

thanks alot Mary, hugs Loralye