by capoodle 30 Nov 2012

Made these credit card key chains for my daughter to give to the others ladies that participated in her work Secret Santa. They had made a list of their interest and all but one gave a favorite color so I used some fabric I already had for these. The design was a freebie a few months back from Daily Embroidery. Found some items around the house that can fit snug enough in these so they don't have to be just for a credit card.


by loosie 03 Dec 2012

great idea :)

by jussyc 01 Dec 2012

Youve been a busy Bee :) Great gifts.

by pennyhal 01 Dec 2012

Cute! They'll love them.

by eteaff 01 Dec 2012

They will love them. I know I would. You did a great job!

by clawton 01 Dec 2012

Nice collection and great idea.

by oaro 01 Dec 2012

great gift idea

by 02kar Moderator 01 Dec 2012

I think they are a great idea. They will be useful in many ways. I know that when people go running they need ID and keys. These will be useful for that.

by greysewist Moderator 01 Dec 2012

Those are all excellent, and a terrific idea for anyone. They just put different things in them, depending how old they are and what their interests are. A friend of mine uses his for his keys, so he can tuck his keys into it before he puts them in his pocket. Well done!

by highlandermom 30 Nov 2012

Great all of these. You just might be the super elf next year. Ladies will love what you came up with and hit your daughter up for hot line to the Secret Santa Post.

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capoodle by capoodle 30 Nov 2012

lol Will have to wait and see. The girls out front helped her with the end of the month folding of 800 plus invoices today so because they help her out she wanted something to give them.

by bumblebee 30 Nov 2012

They will surely appreciate them

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capoodle by capoodle 30 Nov 2012

I can only hope so. My daughter came home and asked how hard is it to make the eyeglass cases that a couple of them were looking for a case. Think I have a few more things to make.

by noah 30 Nov 2012

love them they will too:):)hugs

capoodle by capoodle 30 Nov 2012

Thanks. My son wants one so I've got some more to make. Going to make his out of denim. He said sometimes he don't want to carry his wallet. Who would know a young guy would want one. lol

noah by noah 01 Dec 2012

lol not me hugs

by gramsbear 30 Nov 2012

Great idea and wonderful gifts!!!

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capoodle by capoodle 30 Nov 2012

Thanks. I used a blank credit card blank you put in your printer and included more items that could go in the back pocket for them.

by pldc 30 Nov 2012

I love them all! terrific & I'm sure the girls @ work will too! ~Hugs Loralye~

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capoodle by capoodle 30 Nov 2012

Thanks. Just a little something that I thought could work for all their ages.