by iris2006 ( edited 17 Sep 2012 ) 16 Sep 2012

I made this toy for Dave and I put a little filmbox in is with some rice so he has a rattle too now


by castelyn 19 Sep 2012

I'm sure Dave is going to love his new toy. It looks great. You have been busy. Hugs Yvonne

by WinDancer 18 Sep 2012

very cute.

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castelyn by castelyn 19 Sep 2012

Welcome to "cute"

by oaro 18 Sep 2012

very nice

by rsehorse 18 Sep 2012

It looks just perfect. Love the name, ribbons and rattle. You've covered all the bases in my book. Hugs, Susan

by highlandermom 18 Sep 2012

Cute love the rattle idea.

by zoefzoef 18 Sep 2012

Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat Dave dit heel leuk gaat vinden !

by annyn 18 Sep 2012

Ziet er heel mooi uit. En een goed idee om dat 'bakje' van een fotorolletje met wat rijst er in te doen. En die labeltjes vinden de kleintjes altijd leuk.

by teun 18 Sep 2012

Sieht sehr gut aus

by lenamae 18 Sep 2012

so cute...Lenamae

by mops Moderator 18 Sep 2012

Cute rattle! I still have a bag full with those canisters, now I know what to do with them other then store old and broken needles in one of them.

by noah 18 Sep 2012

done up really cute great job hugs

by loosie 18 Sep 2012

Cute and a bright idea using the film box, well done :)

by workbecky 18 Sep 2012

What a cute rattle. I love the idea of the film box to make a rattle. You are soooo clever.

by bumblebee 18 Sep 2012

Very cute

by iris2006 17 Sep 2012

Don't kow where the pic has gone

by pldc 16 Sep 2012

very cute & I like the rice idea too

pldc by pldc 16 Sep 2012

what is a filmbox?

karenjay by karenjay 16 Sep 2012

Isn't a filmbox the little canisters that held the film for cameras? Remember those old days?

iris2006 by iris2006 17 Sep 2012

Yes, they are the little canisters, excuse for the name filmbox but I'm nopt Engkisch and didn.t know the right name for it,Learned again something today haha

ansalu by ansalu 19 Sep 2012

Cherish those filmboxes. We use a digitalcam since about 10 years so now boxes anylonger here ;o)