Colors: 7 

Letter I

Design #: 8917089
Price: $1.97
Design Details
Size (in): 4.72"(w) x 3.07"(h)
Size (mm): 120 x 78
Stitches: 4400
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monogramfont11 i
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maravilhoso, obrigada

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Gracias, bello diseño,

worthy by worthy 20d ago

Voted for F & M Hope you get them

craftychris by craftychris 20d ago

I really need Letters F and M of Monogram Font 1. Thank you for your time and lovely designs, I have really enjoyed receiving them. Ms. Chris

craft6767 by craft6767 20d ago

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worthy by worthy 20d ago

Thank You, For the lovely alphabet.. I finally have them all.
Hope others get their missing ones also.
Will look to see what needs voting on.


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jsiana by jsiana 22 May 2017

I need votes please.

jsiana by jsiana 19 May 2017

Can this one be added back to the list eligible for voting?

olgapanetta by olgapanetta 13 May 2017

Bellissimo disegno! Beautiful design! Grazie mille! Thank you very much!

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Stunning. Thank You

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rescuer by rescuer 12 May 2017

sandicu please ask for help in the Community or for help with the website, ask in the Q&A. The embroidery designs are not sent to you. You download designs from the website.

mhn4evr by mhn4evr 12 May 2017

Thank you.

sandicu by sandicu 12 May 2017

For some reason, the monogramfont11 е cuteembroidery-8917018-93961 did not download correctly and is not visible in my software. Can you resend it? Never had this happen with Cute Embroidery before!

LFentriss by LFentriss 17 Sep 2012

Need this one.

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Thank you, again, so much for this elegant monogram!!! Will stitch out beautifully, I'm sure. Margie

m2brode by m2brode 21 Aug 2012

thank you, it's realy lovely.

Grammyntenn by Grammyntenn 21 Aug 2012

Thank you for this beautiful letter

justonlyme by justonlyme 21 Aug 2012

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Aurebrod972 by Aurebrod972 21 Aug 2012

Où est la lettre "L"? On veut voter pour elle!!!

Aurebrod972 by Aurebrod972 21 Aug 2012

Génial, merci beaucoup

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concettabaglieri by concettabaglieri 21 Aug 2012

grazie molto belle questa lettera, vorrei farvi notare ke manca la lettera L cercatela perfavore l'alfabeto sarebbe incompleto,grazie della vostra attenzione.

ullis by ullis 21 Aug 2012

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