by muflotex 05 Aug 2012

Tea Cozy - both posts worked on me overnight. Terres one with the mention of a tea cozy and eggyannies one with the teasets in redwork (this one is a sew terific design)and waking up the a head full of tea - well see for yourself, I made a new cozy for my tea - please have one with me.


by muflotex 09 Jan 2015

Hi paulasandy, thank your comment,
for dimensions and measurements use your tea or coffeepot,
scroll down to your comment for more info hope this helps :)
flowers for all

by rescuer Moderator 07 Jan 2015

This was originally posted in 2012.
You will have to be patient for the answers to your questions.

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paulasandy by paulasandy 07 Jan 2015

Thank you 'rescurer' for responding.

by baldacchino 07 Jan 2015

Lovely job is it held to gather with Velcro?

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muflotex by muflotex 09 Jan 2015

thank you, yes velcro, but ribbon would look nice too

by sandralane 07 Jan 2015

Great work, I love the shape of this, and it would be easy to make to any size teapot or coffe pot cover with a little alterations.Never seen anything like this, well done. Not sure how it is held together, my suggestions a large button, ribbon, or even a crochet string. Sandra

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muflotex by muflotex 09 Jan 2015

thank you sandra, yes easy to resize and all kind of closures work, this one is with velcro north is 1 x velcro, south1 o velcro, west is 1x and east is 1o, and they meet 2 by 2, if you sew on x and o to all 4 pedals you can create a flower like shape at the top :)

by paulasandy 07 Jan 2015

This is so awesome! I love it.
Would it be possible to get the dimensions and measurements?


muflotex by muflotex 09 Jan 2015

messure the base of the pot an add roundabout 2 fingers worth of eyeball around and sketch a square in that size, fold in quarter point on point, messure the hight of the pot with also a good looking eyeball plus and sketch a pedal over the 1/4 square so you now have a shape like this (*added edit picture*) then you need 4 pieced fabric, batting and linning , embroider, sew them together, first 4 of each
velcro is placed on opposite sides,or sew in ribbon and button for closure, then the front and linning face to face with batting in between leaving an opering to turn inside out. sew outline if you wish

muflotex by muflotex 09 Jan 2015

if this makes no sence, pls ask away in pm

by basketkase 06 Aug 2012

I love the look of there a button on the top to close it?

by oigelcox 06 Aug 2012

Great Cosy well done. hugs joyce

by momhome 06 Aug 2012

I have these patterns also. I have done the ones with the color on tea-towels. This stitches out so nice. You did a great job.

by airyfairy 06 Aug 2012

The redwork design has come out beautifully. Looks lovely. Sarah.

by sandralochran 06 Aug 2012


by highlandermom 06 Aug 2012

Very nice work! I love it!

by mysew1325 05 Aug 2012

this is great... love the way it is made..

by greysewist Moderator 05 Aug 2012

Great idea! You could use various methods to keep the top parts together -ribbons to tie, Velcro, even 2 side release buckle on tape or webbing if one likes to 'snap' things together. Well done & thanks for showing us!

by oaro 05 Aug 2012

nicely done

by noah 05 Aug 2012

Nice idea Sue but i hate tea lol but loveeeeee Coffee .
I like how when you hear or read something on here it makes you "think and sew" hugs as always carolyn

by castelyn 05 Aug 2012

Turned out great, well done. Hugs Yvonne

by ansalu 05 Aug 2012

Hallo Susanne, das sieht klasse aus. Wie hält das oben zusammen? Klettverschluss? Das wäre eine super Geschenkidee für Weihnachten :o)
Looks great. Is there velcor at the top to hold the pieces together? Will be a wonderful gift idea for christmas
Greetings, Bettina

by means 05 Aug 2012

Love it. Thanks for sharing. My daughter & Gdaughter loves tea will have to make them one

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means by means 05 Aug 2012

I forgot to ask is it velcor of snaps at the top?

by pinon 05 Aug 2012

That is so cool! How do the pieces stay together at the top, if I may ask?

by sonjapotgieter 05 Aug 2012

thank you.. looks a super project!!!

by dino 05 Aug 2012

This one is so different and looks like it will go together fast. Thanks for the idea.

by jobaby 05 Aug 2012

We have lot of tea cozies but have never seen a tea cozy shaped like that with the bottom and sides; I like it and plan to make one or several for Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

by nancygiroir 05 Aug 2012

very nice!

by sewdoctor 05 Aug 2012

Very nice!

by muflotex 05 Aug 2012

somehow the 2. pic got lost on the way

sewdoctor by sewdoctor 05 Aug 2012


mops by mops 05 Aug 2012

That's a nice shape!

loosie by loosie 05 Aug 2012

Very nice!

tippi by tippi 05 Aug 2012


castelyn by castelyn 05 Aug 2012


noah by noah 05 Aug 2012


stock by stock 06 Aug 2012

thankyou hav'nt seen one like this before

momhome by momhome 06 Aug 2012


muflotex by muflotex 07 Aug 2012

thank you for all your lovely comment, we are on ANALOG net for the moment so it is only an emergence post 8-) Yes there is velco one X and one O on every pedal quite near the top