by cootie 22 Jul 2012

This quilt is circa 1850's. It was found in a Thrift Shop my distant cousin worked at and going to the dog shelter. She grabbed it when she noticed names hand stitched in each block. I was able to locate a great great granddaughter through who supplied me with information about each person listed on the quilt. I plan on sending the quilt to her, as it belonged to her 80+ year old mother's people and I believe it should be with her.


by highlandermom 23 Jul 2012

What a wonderful gift from you to take time to return this to family as the heirloom it should be.

by shirley124 23 Jul 2012

What a great find.

by mysew1325 23 Jul 2012

very nice , glad you were able to trace the history and get it to the right family..

by toolips 23 Jul 2012

way to go

by cj2sew 23 Jul 2012

Oh my what a rescue. You both have the "quilt angels" touch right now. If you get a chance share this story with your local paper. More people need to be aware not to discard those old quilts especially the ones with names. You have added to the history of this beautiful quilt. It is memories of people that bring them to life again. Bless you.

by keeponsewing 23 Jul 2012

What a SPECIAL thing for you to do and you will be blessed for doing this. I know they will be excited to receive it. There is quite a bit of wear and tear and hopefully they can find someone who can repair it for them. I bet this was originally bright red. I love the shade the red has faded too. You have done well with this. Bless you and your cousin.

by shilly 23 Jul 2012

Story of being in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time; I applaud you for the effort you made in tracking down the owners...and, for restoring it to its owners;Cuties continue to AMAZE me!

by dilceia 23 Jul 2012


by lenamae 23 Jul 2012

What a lovely quilt and so nice of you to serch out the family and to return it to the family I wonder why it was donated to a thrif store .so many things are just tossed .one time a friend of mine found a candy box at the dumpster it looked old and he opened it had a bunch of jubnk in it started to dump it out and there was a plane envelope that had money in it but nothing to show who it belongsd to.

by clawton 22 Jul 2012

What a nice find. It is a nice jesture to give it back to the family!

by marjialexa Moderator 22 Jul 2012

What a great story! I'm so glad your cousin was so observant, and that you could find that twice great granddaughter. It warms my heart that you WOULD do that! What a priceless piece of family history to return to that young woman. This quilt is surely hand made, maybe someone in her family can identify the names, the reason for making the quilt. This is in amazingly good condition, I do wonder how it managed to end up in the "dog box". I'm impressed!! Big hugs to you, Marji

by pldc 22 Jul 2012

WOW that is simply a fantastic thing that you are doing! What a wonderful pc of history for the family!

by jofrog2000 22 Jul 2012

What a wonderful thing the 2 of you did. The GGD must be so excited waiting to receive it back to the family.

by snowbird42 22 Jul 2012

wonderful story and you did a beautiful thing finding the rightful owner....soozie

by bevintex 22 Jul 2012

Great story,I'm glad it's on it's way home.

by loosie 22 Jul 2012

Wow, you worked hard to find the owner, great job!

by blueeyedblonde 22 Jul 2012

WOW! Good thing your cousin had seen it - and then to pass it to you and for you to make the effort to track down the gg g/d. Way to go!

by carolpountney 22 Jul 2012

What a find how nice of you to give it up I am sure she will be delighted you deserve a 100 flowers

by lilylady 22 Jul 2012

what a tresure for some family. So kind of you.

by anangel 22 Jul 2012

This is so nice of you to do for the creator of this wonderful heirloom quilt! She will be smiling proudly from heaven, knowing that her great great granddaughter has it! Bless YOU!

by dlonnahawkins 22 Jul 2012

What a special thing you have done - that is great, and what a kind thing to do.

by oaro 22 Jul 2012

beautiful quilt is going back home what kindness think to do. Maria

by stork 22 Jul 2012

Wonderful! So glad it will be going back to it's "family". You are such a good person to do that. I know that if it was a quilt from my family I would be excited and gracious to get it back.

by scrappinhappie 22 Jul 2012

How wonderful for the family to have a lost heiloom come home, and it looks like it is still in very nice condition to be so old. That was good work on you and your cousin too!!!!

by shirlener88 22 Jul 2012

What a sweet thing to do - once your researched it - that should really be a great family story, too.

by yojojo 22 Jul 2012

What a wonderful story! I commend you and your cousin for saving this quilt. And for the work you did to find the relatives. Hopefully this time it will be saved forever with the family.

by buffy1 22 Jul 2012

Glad you were able to locate family for this wonderful quilt!

by noah 22 Jul 2012

love it and your kindness to send it to the family .The Bible does say you will be blessed for your act of doing unto other right??big hugs carolyn

by dididwiar 22 Jul 2012

How wonderful of you. This must make you feel really good! So it should. Lots of good Karma coming your way Im sure.

by dollygk 22 Jul 2012

How much this young woman will thank you, very nice of you!!!

by hightechgrammy 22 Jul 2012

YOU are incredible for taking the time and all that effort to find the rightful owner of this quilt! Wow! What a story!

by janetedna 22 Jul 2012

Good job she saved it from 'going to the dogs'! It's smashing that you took the trouble and had such good results. I'm sure the family will be very pleased. Jan

by oigelcox 22 Jul 2012

What a great story. If only this quilt could talk and tell the story of places where it has traveled since the 1850s. Hugs Joyce

by mops Moderator 22 Jul 2012

What a nice find!

by devon 22 Jul 2012

very pretty