by babie 05 Jul 2012

Decorative Towel for bathroom 2 - love the Zebra. If you are privileged to visit a South African Game Reserve you will probably find many Zebras and their beauty is therefor sometimes underestimated. I love the "donkey with the striped pajamas"


by sandralochran 06 Jul 2012

very nice

by oigelcox 06 Jul 2012

Beautiful work. HYugs Joyce

by babie 06 Jul 2012

Answer to Cj2sew's question I am boring - my bathrooms all look alike - the same decor style. They just differ in size. This is pictures of what I have in the bathrooms. The towels vary from beige to tan and I am doing different animals on every towel. I am not doing them on the large towels as they are too big and the everybody complains that the designs then scratch. Also only for decoration on the one rail of the basin stand. I will probably do initials on the large towels only.

by mysew1325 05 Jul 2012


by joanne8125 05 Jul 2012

I love Zebras and you did a great job, stitched out beautiful. Can you tell us where the design came from.

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babie by babie 06 Jul 2012

The animal towels all came from the same set I bought from Amazing Designs - on their sale. LOL although it is a sale I still had to think twice as it took most of my budget.

by noah 05 Jul 2012

Love him great job hugs:):)

by njola 05 Jul 2012

Great work, The zebra looks so good

by pennyhal 05 Jul 2012

I've not seen a design go over the towel band before. I see that it really doesn't affect the design. Very nicely done!

by capoodle 05 Jul 2012

The zebras are striking with their strips. Beautiful design.

by cj2sew 05 Jul 2012

With this kind of towel I would love to see how you decorated the rest of the bathroom. It is very beautifully done

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babie by babie 06 Jul 2012

Thanks for the question - I've posted some photo's for you to see.

by spendlove Moderator 05 Jul 2012


by blueeyedblonde 05 Jul 2012

love it!

by oaro 05 Jul 2012

love it

by auntbaba 05 Jul 2012

Beautiful towel. Good work!

by pldc 05 Jul 2012

very cool

by shilly 05 Jul 2012

Very intriguing animal to us; love this sketch...

by devon 05 Jul 2012

Love this one too. Great job

by greysewist Moderator 05 Jul 2012

This looks really good.