by suzettebritz 28 Jun 2012

What do I do? Please advise Cuties...I couldn't resist these designs. Still have 2 more rows to add and it will be 90cm by 90cm. Do I just put 1 piece of flannel at the back, like the blocks, OR do I put thin batting in middle and "stitch in the ditch"? Never made a quilt! Baby due in beginning of summer...too thick for summer in SA? I need to deliver it tomorrow!!!


by gerryvb 28 Jun 2012

you've got of answers already. So i just add : it looks very cute.

by joann1 28 Jun 2012

It looks great. But I have a real hard time of stitching in the ditch.

by asterixsew Moderator 28 Jun 2012

Great to see you here but sorry I cant answer your questions

by noah 28 Jun 2012

try stitching in the ditch but if it gets hard on your wrists and shoulders like me i prefer to do crazy quilting just never cross over the same line but i do like stitch in the ditch or you could just go around each figer and crazy stitch the plain squares lol

by mysew1325 28 Jun 2012

very cute..

by loosie 28 Jun 2012


by blueeyedblonde 28 Jun 2012

very cute! you have lots of answers - oh no! choices!!! hehe

by suzettebritz 28 Jun 2012

Thank you ladies! It is so nice to see you still "welcome" me here after such a long absence! I have decided to only use flannel for the back and then stitch in the ditch (never done it before, a little nervous as not all the blocks line up perfectly. Thank you for all your ideas, I will certainly keep that in mind - this is my first "quilt" - I thought it has to have batting before you can call it a "quilt"!

rescuer by rescuer 28 Jun 2012

With only two layers and one of them solid, you may consider tacking it like ramona suggested. It works well and is easier than stitching in the ditch. If you do stitch it all, use lots of pins or basting spray.

rescuer by rescuer 28 Jun 2012

My first quilt had puckers and twists because I didn't use enough pins. It is still warm and also cute on the front but the back looks crazy.

suzettebritz by suzettebritz 28 Jun 2012

You have just made up my mind for me - thank you! I will then leave the stitch in the ditch for another time.

by ramona 28 Jun 2012

That a darling quilt top. A little one will love this. Being that it's hot where your quilt will be I would back in in the cotton with a light batting in between. You could also use two layers of backing fabric. (like Grandma used to do with an old sheet instead of batting) You could stitch in the ditch, tie the quilt or you can use your decorative stitches on your machine to machine tie the quilt. Just tack with the machine stitches like you would if you tied it.

by ansalu 28 Jun 2012

Cannot help you with the sewing (never done a quilt) but love the way you used Anjas designs. Love her special style. For all interested I will add the link :o)
Greetings, Bettina
PS: Anja Rieger has also the cutest happy pigs ever! Take a look around it's absolut worth it ;-)

ansalu by ansalu 28 Jun 2012

Suzette I'm sure Anja and Sonja would be very happy if you send them a pic of your finished quilt for the customer-gallery.
Greetings, Bettina

suzettebritz by suzettebritz 28 Jun 2012

Hi Bettina, I thought of finishing the quilt and then give the link to the designs, but thanks now you've done it - saves me the time to do it. It is also my intention to send them a pick when the quilt is finished. Like you, I love her designs!

by cfidl 28 Jun 2012

I think that because flannel is warm you could back it with regular cotton or flannel. A sheet would work and stitch in the ditch or you could tack the corners with yarn leaving a tail! I would not put batting in between if you want a summer quilt.

by queenofhearts 28 Jun 2012

Another suggestion, one or two layers of flannel and tie the quilt with yarn at the corners of the blocks. Babies like to play with the yarn tufts.

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rescuer by rescuer 28 Jun 2012

My babies always played with the satin and the yarn tufts. Twirling the tufts and snuggling with the slippery satin -- they would be asleep in no time at all.

by rescuer Moderator 28 Jun 2012

If you have experience working with satin and you can get some in time to finish the blanket, I would back it with satin. You could still use thin batting or a piece of flannel in the middle. The satin seems cooler in the summer and babies love how satin feels.
It is very cute. If you feel your daughter might think it too heavy, you could send a matching single layer of (satin trimmed) fleece. Let us know how it turns out.

by nazeema 28 Jun 2012

lovely quilt put a thin wadding in beteen and stich in the ditch

by oaro 28 Jun 2012

nice quilt

by meganne 28 Jun 2012

Knowing the heat in South Africa??? and since the blocks are already flannel, I would just add flannel to the back and stitch in the ditch.
You can always add a blanket if it isn't warm enough for winter, but you can't subtract anything from the quilt if it is too hot to use.
Just my thoughts on it. hugs n roses, Meganne

by highlandermom 28 Jun 2012

I agee with others and have to say this is very cute you have done a wonderful job.

by Lozzett 28 Jun 2012

Hi honey I stitched wadding in the back of mine to give it a bit more depth and worked my way down one block by one to do a quick slip stitch to the back so it was attached. hope that helps wadding is perhaps like your like your batting in .. it lookes lovely xx

by nhsmith55 28 Jun 2012

I agree with bonnetgirl. Use a thin batting and stitch in the ditch. I also like the idea of putting mor quilting in the flowered areas.
This is sooo cute! I love these designs!

by bonnetgirl 28 Jun 2012

Very cute quilt...If it were me I would put a batting and doing a stitch in the flower section or stitch in the ditch. If you perfer then use the knot on cornor.
Hugs Joann