by askmcv 28 May 2012

My soon-to-be grandson, Jack, will be born at the end of July. Here's one of the quilts I made for him. The panel comes from an old sheet I picked up at a second-hand store :)

The second quilt I embroidered...made it a little more special by adding his name :)


by pisanec 31 May 2012

Very nice. The photo bears like it very much. Congratulations to the expectant grandmother.

by justonlyme 31 May 2012

Great job! I just bought some sheets just like that at a yard sale last weekend!! I love what you've done with yours!!

by bumblebee 30 May 2012

So preety-NIcely done

by askmcv 30 May 2012

Here's Jack's first "photo", taken in Izzy's 20th week of pregnancy :)

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bumblebee by bumblebee 30 May 2012

Oh my goodness we have an exited grandma here. Little jack immortalized

by jrob Moderator 30 May 2012

Great job. I love the way you have used this panel.;)

by askmcv 30 May 2012

Thank you so much for the compliments. This group is so special, and makes us all feel like we know each other!

by gandu 29 May 2012

What a lucky little fellow he is to have a grandma like you . The quilt is wonderful. Please show us his pic when he is born ......Brenda

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askmcv by askmcv 30 May 2012

I most certainly will :) I am so excited

by cfidl 29 May 2012

I too love classic pooh! Excellent find and restore! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by parkermom 29 May 2012

Classic Pooh is one of my favorites! It looks beautiful.

by teun 29 May 2012

Sieht sehr gut aus

by christracey 29 May 2012

This looks sweet, well done.

by greysewist Moderator 29 May 2012

That panel was a great find. Beautiful quilt for Jack. I'm sure he'll love it once he gets here :)

by jayce 29 May 2012

I love this one as well♥ isn't it nice that we know our grandchildren by name before they are born

by shirlener88 28 May 2012

What a lovely print - you sure did good with this quilt it surely will be treasured by Jack through the years.

by noah 28 May 2012

Sweet and great buy at those stores hugs

by kttyhwk4 28 May 2012

Jack is going to love his Pooh quilts. Love it.

by sukira 28 May 2012

Very innovative. great work of art. Enjoy your new Grandson. Blessings, Rachel.

by oaro 28 May 2012

this one of a kind beautiful quilt

by mysew1325 28 May 2012

this is beautiful..

by snowbird42 28 May 2012

Pooh is always a winner he will love it when he is old enough to know who pooh is....soozie

by michemb 28 May 2012

this is very nice Clair,
the colors are definetly boyish,
love it

by shirley124 28 May 2012

This is really lovely

by highlandermom 28 May 2012

Very nice work!! Colors framing looks Great!

by devon 28 May 2012

very pretty

by pldc 28 May 2012

wow isn`t that a grand idea! wonderful pooh! My favorite!

by ramona 28 May 2012

Great way to recycle. That a really nice quilt and your fabrics match it perfectly. I just love little Winnie the Pooh. He'll be able to get nice and cozy with this sweet quilt.