by babie 17 May 2012

Polar Fleece jackets for sports teams. Have done 14 so far. 1 in process and 1 to go. Design from Amazing Designs.


by oaro 18 May 2012

cute design

by mops Moderator 18 May 2012

It's a nice design, it looks great, but lots of work with all the colour changes!

by castelyn 18 May 2012

Looks great. You sure have been busy. Hugs Yvonne

by techgirl 17 May 2012

Good job! Looks great!

by zedna 17 May 2012

Great are incredable!

by devon 17 May 2012

great job

by jayce 17 May 2012

love the design♥

by blueeyedblonde 17 May 2012

Love the design! Great job!

by myrizun 17 May 2012

Very pretty design, muy simpatico

by shirlener88 17 May 2012

Great design - thanks for the info on it - these will make each girl feel speical - wonderful job.

by capoodle 17 May 2012

The design is cute and so many color changes you have had to do on each of them.

babie by babie 17 May 2012

I have changed a bit on the colours having to stop the machine to do a change within a frame. In total 23 color changes over two files

parkermom by parkermom 17 May 2012

Is sewing with split files hard to do? I've been afraid to do it.

babie by babie 17 May 2012

No I think it splits as the machine can not handle the size. What I do is load the first file , stitch it out then delete it and load the second file and stitch it out.

by lulu07 17 May 2012

This is really cute, great job...can you tell where you got the design, please.

babie by babie 17 May 2012

Amazing Designs.

lulu07 by lulu07 17 May 2012

Thank you!

by cfidl 17 May 2012

Excellent! It is a wonderful thing to bring together and support the childrens efforts! Yeah! Thanks for sharing it! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

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babie by babie 17 May 2012

Thanks and yes they are really very appreciative.

by noah 17 May 2012

Very very cute hugs

1 comment
babie by babie 17 May 2012

Thank you - the girls love it.

by highlandermom 17 May 2012

Lots of work but bet if will feel great to see on the team. Looks GREAT!

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babie by babie 17 May 2012

Thanks - I loved to do them but must admit I would love for them to be finished now. Too much is not good. The girls can not wait and I have put a lot of pressure on myself as I already delivered the first 8 to the coach. So they ask every day.

by cj2sew 17 May 2012

Oh this is really cute and really personalizes the outfits. The girls will love them.

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babie by babie 17 May 2012

Yes - normally I don't like a name on sportswear but the kids wanted it so I guess it would be fine.

by designgirl 17 May 2012

Cute design for a team. Great job.

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babie by babie 17 May 2012

Thanks hope it will contribute to a better game.

by pldc 17 May 2012

wow you have been very busy! well done

pldc by pldc 17 May 2012

she is very cool!

babie by babie 17 May 2012

Thanks - Yes and the next project is already in line.