by karenintw 10 Apr 2012

My neighbor lost her Bichon recently so I made this pillow for her. She was moved to tears (and so was I). Thank you basketkase for your beautiful design. My friend could not believe how it looks exactly like her little Dooley!


by terrib 11 Apr 2012

Very sweet! Thanks for sharing:)

by basketkase 11 Apr 2012

This was such a wonderful way to honor your friends' loss, Karen, not everyone understands the grieving of losing an animal and thank goodness you did and responded to her in such a supportive way.
Bless you!!

by techgirl 11 Apr 2012

Looks beautiful. what a cute dog he was! I'm sure she really appreciated this and what a great friend she has making it for her!

by cfidl 11 Apr 2012

That was a lovely thing to do. It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing it! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by capoodle 11 Apr 2012

Precious keepsake.

by zedna 10 Apr 2012

Aww! What a wonderful idea and great friend to do it for her.

by bonnetgirl 10 Apr 2012

Well done
Hugs Joann

by venetia 10 Apr 2012

What a lovely thing to do for your neighbor & friend. She will treasure it and your kindness. Well done. Venetia

by sandralochran 10 Apr 2012

So sweet

by shirlener88 10 Apr 2012

How touching.

by zoefzoef 10 Apr 2012

Very beautifull, I 'm sure she will keep it forever

by softhearted1 10 Apr 2012

How kind of you to make something special that she can remember her pet with. I would be moved to tears as well. Lovely pillow :)

by pldc 10 Apr 2012

ah how perfect, you are a good friend!

by highlandermom 10 Apr 2012

Beautiful gift of love.

by bumblebee 10 Apr 2012

Very sweet gesture and he sure is cue.

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bumblebee by bumblebee 10 Apr 2012

oops meant cute

by toogie 10 Apr 2012

I have been wanting to do SOMETHING, maybe a pillow, for my sis with a yorkie on it. Andy is really getting old, has only 1 tooth left, and when something happens to her... I like your pillow here, good job

by noah 10 Apr 2012

oh my he looks sweet :):) Great job girls hugs

by shilly 10 Apr 2012

Wonderful gift; it looks so lifelike....

by tippi 10 Apr 2012

You are a very special neighbor for doing this for her. You pillow is beautiful.

by michemb 10 Apr 2012

Cute little dog, she will love this

by dailylaundry 10 Apr 2012

Your kindness and talent meant a lot to your neighbor - great stitching and bravo to you! Hugs, Laura*