by nualaa 07 Mar 2012

Faces and Shoes.

This is a quilt I made a young teenager whose sister survived cancer. Our guild makes quilts for children with cancer and their siblings. It is made from shoes and faces by Katulle. The 3 diamonds in the quilt represents the 3 sisters.


by teun 08 Mar 2012

Ein sehr schöner Quilt tolle Farben

by nualaa 08 Mar 2012

Thank you everyone. I really enjoyed making this quilt.

by janel66 08 Mar 2012

beautiful for a teen i'm sure it will cheer them!!

by janetedna 08 Mar 2012

Are the squares appliqued onto the dark background?
It's very effective. Jan

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nualaa by nualaa 08 Mar 2012

The designs are all embroidered on the black fabric, with a 1 1/2 trim around each block. I laid out the blocks and then filled in with more black fabric.Before sewing the grey to the black I put a red piping (1" piece folded in half) around each block.

by edenandandrea 08 Mar 2012

This is beautiful.

by dilceia 08 Mar 2012

Congratulations! Your quilt was wonderful!!

by cfidl 08 Mar 2012

Very beautiful! Love the framing! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by edithfarminer 08 Mar 2012

Beautiful quilt, made with love

by pennifold 08 Mar 2012

Great quilt, unfortunately I can't see it really well, it appears blurred when I enlarge it. Great designs and love the diamonds. Love chris

by airyfairy 08 Mar 2012

Having just made my first quilt I am in awe of any quilt that appears on this site. You have done a brilliant job. Sarah

by peersen 08 Mar 2012

Absolutely beautiful work.

by de105 08 Mar 2012

Another really stricking quilt, well done and my favorite colors.

by capoodle 07 Mar 2012

It's stunning and like how you included the three diamonds for the sisters.

by nualaa 07 Mar 2012

Thank you all. Without the wonderful designs for inspiration we would not be able to create these wonderful quilts. My co-worker fell in love with this quilt and I am currently making another one using all this wonderful embroidery. He wants the quilt as a surprise for his grand-daughters 21st Bday.

by oaro 07 Mar 2012

very nice embroidery great job

by basketkase 07 Mar 2012

Oh my, another gorgeous quilt for a deserving teen.
Great message in the quilt design.......

by tippi 07 Mar 2012

Beautiful quilt. I like the diamond idea. And each one has a different color on top.

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nualaa by nualaa 08 Mar 2012

While I was making the quilt I received my copy of British Patchwork in the mail and there was pattern for the diamond in it and I knew immediately it would work great in the quilt and the different colour for each sister worked great.

by mysew1325 07 Mar 2012

this quilt is stunning .. a real work of art.. thank you for sharing.

by pldc 07 Mar 2012

This is BEAUTIFUL! You have done an amazing job!

by shilly 07 Mar 2012

Sooo cool; the diamonds are eye-catching and the designs really pop against the black.

by noah 07 Mar 2012

Wow a work of art :):)hugs

by toogie 07 Mar 2012

A lot of work and love!-Toogie

by devon 07 Mar 2012

great work

by janetedna 07 Mar 2012

Lovely. Jan

by bumblebee 07 Mar 2012

I'm sure she will be thrilled.

by clawton 07 Mar 2012

Very nice. what a thoughtful thing to do.