by askmcv 02 Jan 2012

and here's the tee-shirt I embroidered for my son-in-law, with his company's logo


by noah 02 Jan 2012

well i think he loved it hugs carolyn

by lulu07 02 Jan 2012

Very well done, hopefully you do get an order (more money for designs. :)

by capoodle 02 Jan 2012

Great job on the stitching and digitizing. Your grandson is cute peeking out behind his dad.

by castelyn 02 Jan 2012

Well done, it turned out great. John and Gabriel seem very pleased. Hugs Yvonne

by katydid 02 Jan 2012

Love the shirt and love Gabriel.

by bejoscha 02 Jan 2012

Great work!

by bumblebee 02 Jan 2012

He looks very happy with his logo.

by shirlener88 02 Jan 2012

Clair, this is so professional - you better watch out - you might have the whole company wanting shirts, too.

askmcv by askmcv 02 Jan 2012

Thanks, Shirlene. I'm not worried...he's the boss, and I would love to have an!!!

castelyn by castelyn 02 Jan 2012

Well my husband brought home a whole big bag of overalls to be done, last week. I have not even taken them out to see how many must be done. Will check in the morning.
Beat of luck - hope you get an order.

Hugs Yvonne

by designgirl 02 Jan 2012

Very nice. Who is the cute little one peeking around your son-in-law?

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askmcv by askmcv 02 Jan 2012

Thank you. My gorgeous grandson, Gabriel, now 8.