by thecraftycritter 24 Sep 2011

Betty's Bonnets:


by shirlener88 26 Sep 2011

very nice work - whose designs are these?

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by airyfairy 25 Sep 2011

These are lovely. The colours you have used are beautiful. Sarah.

by iamacutie 25 Sep 2011

A lovely gift, beautiful work!

by jofrog2000 25 Sep 2011

Pretty! Betty had such talent. Hope we get to see the finihed product.

by babie 25 Sep 2011

Great idea - beautiful designs.

by rmj8939 25 Sep 2011

She will be pleased with them, I am sure.

by chess 25 Sep 2011

Very beautiful work and a great gift!

by oaro 24 Sep 2011

the are beautiful great gift

by thecraftycritter 24 Sep 2011

sorry for the double post - was trying to get the title separate from the description

by thecraftycritter 24 Sep 2011

After seeing the old post resurrected decided to show you these. My best friend’s birthday was in August, she is a quilter and has always wanted to make the Monthly Sunbonnet by Betty’s Sunset Threads but doesn't have an embroidery machine. I made up the full set of quilt squares in the 5x7 size plus added a few special ones for her - she lives in Texas, had her 70th birthday, and got her permit to carry the week before her birthday. Also put in her three closest friends - another quilter (not me I don’t) a minister, and a gardener. It was great fun - I can’t wait to see how she finishes it.

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noah by noah 24 Sep 2011

oh these are lovely she will LOVE IT:):)i do:): hugs carolyn