by leenova54 23 Aug 2011

Boy are these hard to work with but I think my friend who is a first time grandma is gonna love them.


by blueeyedblonde 02 Sep 2011

Love the sayings you used and a good job!

by bnilla9241 02 Sep 2011

Your designs are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

by zoefzoef 01 Sep 2011

soo..cute.. which someone had babies right now in my family..

by castelyn 01 Sep 2011

Debra they turned out great. Hugs Yvonne

by bnilla9241 26 Aug 2011

Great job on the onesies. I have purchased a stabilizer that holds the jersey knit from moving or creeping. Do you use a product like it?

leenova54 by leenova54 27 Aug 2011

This was a first for me but I used spray adhesive and only hooped tear away and then I ironed a soft interfacing over the inside stitching.

bnilla9241 by bnilla9241 02 Sep 2011

I have found that the words will not pucker as much if the stabilizer is not necessarily a tear away. I have used a wash away with some of mine.

by mysew1325 23 Aug 2011

these are so cute... great job. and yes these little things are a pain .. but they are so cute on the little baby..

by sewdoctor 23 Aug 2011

WOW those look great! Iam so happy to see them done on onesies......I digitized them for terry bibs but they look good here! Only two of the designs are ones I digitized though. So exciting for me to see them being used!

by lflanders 23 Aug 2011

Great job! They are darling!

by smburt 23 Aug 2011

Very Cute.

by devon 23 Aug 2011

love them all great job

by auntbaba 23 Aug 2011

They are so cute! You did a wonderful job!

by patsy28 23 Aug 2011

Adorable! Quiet a job to work on such small stuff!

1 comment
leenova54 by leenova54 23 Aug 2011

Very hard to work on tiny things, my fingers kept getting in the way while trying to hold out the rest of the onsie!

by oaro 23 Aug 2011

these are so cute

by gerryvb 23 Aug 2011

wow, these are so cute!!

by workbecky 23 Aug 2011

Another great set. Love your choice of sayings. Your friend will love these and being a grandma for the first time.

by noah 23 Aug 2011

love those saying great work Gramma!!

by ermaplatt 23 Aug 2011

Love these, nicely done

by snowbird42 23 Aug 2011

soooooooooooo cute.................soozie

by ansalu 23 Aug 2011

Wow Debra I admire your patience to bring them in the hoop and under the machine. I have problems with Felix shirts and they are much bigger :o)
I love all this sayings but it is a pity that you cannot translate them (they loose all their fun in german). Most of all the "Party at the crib" is something I can remember...
Greetings, Bettina

1 comment
leenova54 by leenova54 23 Aug 2011

Oh Bettina, I was so scared to do them and then so proud they turned out so well, now I have to mail them to her. The sayings are so cute, all from DBC.

by rmj8939 23 Aug 2011

Debra, I know how difficult they are to do. You did a really nice job on them.

by airyfairy 23 Aug 2011

Debra - you have done a wonderful job. I know myself that these garments are difficult to do. Well done.

by pennifold 23 Aug 2011

Hi Debra, I've just commented on the other post asking the question do you undo the side to do these, I do. Love Chris

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leenova54 by leenova54 23 Aug 2011

No Chris, I bunched them up and turned the little sleeves inside out and used spray to stick them to the tear away. I was afraid to even start them since I never did this before, the onsies sat on my sewing table for over a week!

by shirlener88 23 Aug 2011

Yes, they are hard to get into a hoop - aren't they. I am sure your friend will treasure these. You did a great job.

leenova54 by leenova54 23 Aug 2011

Shirlene, she may not let the mommy take them home with her!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 24 Aug 2011

Oh no - they need to be used - if they go home with the mommy - they will be - by the way - where did you get these lovely stitched designs?

leenova54 by leenova54 24 Aug 2011

These were all DBC designs, we have very talented digitizers on here! I found out today that my friend and the baby's daddy had an argument and he said she can't come to their house or see the baby again! Terrible!

hagridsmom by hagridsmom 03 Sep 2011

I certainly hope that your friend and the daddy have been able to work through their differences. I am appalled at the number of people who do this with-holding of the children/grandchildren to punish others. It is so cruel and not a good example for the children as they get older. This is practically a soap box issue for me. I had a young male patient getting chemotherapy and the mother of the child deliberately got the polio immunization just before his visit. It was another 2-3 months before he could see the child and it was his!

by bumblebee 23 Aug 2011

These are really cute!

by capoodle 23 Aug 2011

You did an amazing job. Love those sayings they are fun.