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by bikermomfl 20 Apr 2008

This is a disney quilt I did for my girlfriend. She is a real disney freak and says she just loves it. Needless to say I've got a thing for my embroidery and hope to get better each time I tackle one. I did the quilting part myself and boy did I get cramps in my fingers, but had a blast. Hope you like it.


by castor 01 Jan 2014

great Ouilt,love it

by anagha 01 Jan 2014

wooooow ..wonderful..
lucky ..shes got gift..!!

by cfidl 31 Dec 2013

Wow Hand quilted! Very Cool! I did a pillow once. took forever to quilt! You must be so proud! I would be!

by maelyn1308 31 Dec 2013

very pretty quilt

by pldc edited 31 Dec 2013

I love it too & I can totally see why she does too! Wonderful job! Even 5 years later LOL, hugs Loralye

by marfa 31 Dec 2013

Very good job

by corinney 31 Dec 2013

Very nice job! Love the Disney theme! :0)

by noah 25 Dec 2013

excellent job i love it hugs

by lucerba 25 Dec 2013

belle réussite

by dlonnahawkins 21 Apr 2008

Very good job - and quilting on flannel for me is a challenge! Especially if doing by hand.

by simplyrosie 21 Apr 2008

Makes me want to be a little girl again! Good job!

by nini 21 Apr 2008

LOOOOOOVE it! Great colours! My compliments, you did a beautiful quilt! *4 it!

by clawton 21 Apr 2008


by iris2006 21 Apr 2008

What a wonderfull result and what a lucky friend to get this quilt. Must have cost many hours, speaking of experience. I like the blocks on the point down. *4U

by meganne 21 Apr 2008

I love your bright colours and diamond pattern, great job. rose 4U. M

by tmbache 20 Apr 2008

Oh, this is nice and bright. I also just love working on flannel it's just the greatest to work with. flannel is so soft and cuddle. You sure did a great amout of work. never hand quilted that much before poor finger you must have flowers by the dozen to you

by jrob Moderator 20 Apr 2008

nice job! I like the blocks set on point, it brings a greater interest I think! Lucky friend you have!;)

by shirlener88 20 Apr 2008

Very nice work. Great job. *4U

by bikermomfl 20 Apr 2008

p.s. this is all done on flannel, every fuzzy inch....

by joaniessw 20 Apr 2008

I can tell by the few things in her room she like Disney. Would it be possible to take a pic where we might be able to see some of the designs you embroidered. It does look like you've put lots of work into it. Thank you. *4U

joaniessw by joaniessw 20 Apr 2008

Ok, what happened? For a split moment I saw a lovely close-up, and now no pic? lol Messing with my mind

bikermomfl by bikermomfl 20 Apr 2008

should be there now. My dh is helping me :-)

joaniessw by joaniessw 20 Apr 2008

It is here now. Looks gr8. Definetley lots of work with all these designs. I Love it