digitizer: hightechgrammy 15 Apr 2011

This group includes the C Rations and the US P38 can opener with the words CHOW TIME and US ARMY in stenciled font. I put this on an apron for my WWII vet Dad. I just thought someone might also enjoy stitching it out for your older vet. I forgot to take photos of the design stitched on the apron so this is of the design. It stitched out great. AT the top of the apron I put a commercial design that said Grill Sargent.

Design #: 7263718
Size (in): 9.02"(w)x5.98"(h)   (mm): 229mm(w)x152mm(h)
Stitches: 45000 Colors: 7 Print Color Chart
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Original artwork: my own digitizing from photos
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Feel free to sew on items for your personal use or on gifts, Do not sell design either as a single design or as a part of a collection of designs.

by bop2mystic 08 Mar 2013

thank you

by mammabear1hotmailcom 26 Feb 2013

Where can I get this design in ART format

by mammabear1hotmailcom 26 Feb 2013

does any one have this design in ART format

by mrsa 18 Jul 2012

Thank you! Now I have no excuse not to make something for my brother-in-law who is in the Army. (He's young and in active service but I think he'll still like it ;-) )

by sewmanychoices 18 Jul 2012

This is so nice and such a sweet idea!! Thanks for sharing!

by soulsan 16 Jul 2012

Thanks so much. I belong to a VFW Post, I will use it on a wall hanging for our post.
Thanks again.

by noah 16 Jul 2012

Could you do it again and put Canadian instead of us???My friends son is in the arm ??hugs

by sewdeb 16 Jul 2012

Thanks! This would be great on the items I make to send to the VA hospitals! *'s for all

by blueeyedblonde 16 Jul 2012


by mad14kt 16 Jul 2012

TU ;D *2U

by skyannsgranny 16 Jul 2012


by outback43 15 Jul 2012

Thank you for this great design! **

by papamac 15 Jul 2012


by phi4 15 Jul 2012


by arisann 19 Apr 2011

Thank you so much!

by redhead 19 Apr 2011

ty hon

by jacquipaul 16 Apr 2011

Have a new SIL who is an Army chaplain! He'll love this.
Thank you;

by jofrog2000 16 Apr 2011

Ah, you made me smile. I first used a P38 when my late DH was in the army many years ago. I use one all the time! When I found some in an army supply store, I bought lots and gave them away. Don would certainly have gotten a chuckle to wear an apron with these on. Thanks.

by lani02 15 Apr 2011

thanks my friends husband is in the army. I thought I would put this on his daughters bib.

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 16 Apr 2011

Wow! Putting this on a bib is a great idea! Thanks. If you actually get it done, I'd love to see a photo. :-)

by debcarlson 15 Apr 2011

this will be fun for the soldiers / vets in my life, thanks for sharing

by gramsbear 15 Apr 2011

Thanx much!!!

by cj2sew 15 Apr 2011

Oh thank you. I make quilts of valor and I am always looking for new designs to add to my collection. Thank you again. cj

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 15 Apr 2011

Thank YOU for making the quilts. Let me know if there is any other design that would just make them extra special and I could try to help that way!

by maryterry 15 Apr 2011

Thank You very much, I have a son in the US Army.

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 15 Apr 2011

Thank YOU for your son's service. What division is he in, and where is he serving? That must be very scary. God Bless you.

by basketkase 15 Apr 2011

Way too cool, Jan!! I love the "Grill Sargent"....LOL!!

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 15 Apr 2011

Dad is learning to cook - at 84! I guess he's doing a great job - so far. He is gluten-free so that adds a little extra challenge.

by leighk 15 Apr 2011

Love them! Thanks.

by suezz 15 Apr 2011

Thank You! *4 All