by smithandsmith 14 Apr 2011

I was trying to iron yesterday and the material was sliding off the ironing board. I had just bought these clamps at the dollar store. They are for holding your table cloth down in the wind outside. For one dollar you get a pack of 8. I think they would work great on a cutting table too. They work great.

Hugs Lee


by oaro 14 Apr 2011

great idea

by rwalden 14 Apr 2011

Thanks for sharing your tip. I love the Dollar Store!

by shirlener88 14 Apr 2011

Great tip!

by noah 14 Apr 2011

Good idea Lee thankd carolyn

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 14 Apr 2011

Thank you Carolyn
I'm working on the old Scotty camper :)

by lindalee757 14 Apr 2011

Great idea Lee!! Don't you just love $$ stores for little cheap what-nots. I like your idea- I also keep my straight pins(the longer ones) close by and actually use the pins like tacks to hold material in place- ~linda~

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 14 Apr 2011

Me too..hehehe
I think these will come in handy for satin, with these i wont get any little holes. I made a graduation dress a few years ago for my daughter and she seen the holes. I never thought she would notice tiny little pin marks! lol This year is prom and we bought the dress :)

lindalee757 by lindalee757 14 Apr 2011

LOL-good idea!