by cutiepie 29 Mar 2008

As you can see, this one took some time. But it is so worth it that I plan on working on it for the rest of my life. =]


by colmag 06 Apr 2008

Cutest project I have ever seen, you and yours must be really proud and I know that you will have many years of wonderful moments

by simplytrisha 06 Apr 2008

Congratulations what a beautiful project to share with us all but I think from my experiecne that your project will remain unfinished for quite some time enjoy every moment of this project and you are welcome to share your future progressions with us too!! flowers to all

by nini 06 Apr 2008

OOOOOOHHH they are CUUUUTE and look so peacefull! Congratulations and my best wishes to you and your lovely Family! Flowers for them.

by shirlener88 06 Apr 2008

CUTIEPIE, what is new with this project?

by silvina 30 Mar 2008

Congratulations! They are cute! All the best for you and your beautiful family. Silvina.

by kkcogle 30 Mar 2008

what cute little guys! a flower for your project!!

by gerryvb 30 Mar 2008

danny and tommy: what a beautiful twin project !!thank you for sharing all these moments of sorrow and of joy now that they are born. I wish you and your family lots of luck, love and happiness !!

by splash 30 Mar 2008

congratulations to u both. they are very content. beautiful precious babies.

by smoke1275 30 Mar 2008

What a cleaver lady!! They are beautiful, the work will take the rest of your life to mould them. It will be great to embroider things for them- MY MUM MADE THIS!!!
What can I say Congratulations to you and your husband who will have his work cut out too!!

by mandyc 30 Mar 2008

congratulations! Beautiful job!!

by katydid 30 Mar 2008

A wonderful job!!

by butterflyluvr26 29 Mar 2008

Hi Cutiepie, Congratulations to you and yours!!! I must say you've created a perfectly beautiful project. There's no greater bliss for a family, than to be blessed with two bundles of joy! Gods Blessings to you all!

by meganne 29 Mar 2008

Lost for words, just tears of overwhelming emotional joy for you all. Blessings be upon them all their lives. They certainly have lots of Godmothers here and I would be so proud if you would please add me to the list. I love little boys, they are such a treasure trove of delight, oh i so envy you, i'd love to be able to go back and start all over again. May all their days be happy, may their problems be few and small and may God always hold them in the plam of his hand. Meganne

by momtwo2 29 Mar 2008

God bless you and your family.. The adventure is just beginning, enjoy every minute

by shirlener88 29 Mar 2008

WOW, how adorable - when can I come visit and be part of their famiy? I make a really good babysitter - did it for years and babies are so special - don't forget how close I live from you, OK? This is the best project of all. Thank you for sharing it. *4U

by raels011 29 Mar 2008

oh what beautiful babies..A very worthwhile project

by dianned 29 Mar 2008

Oh how wonderful!!! Congratulations to you and all your family!! Love, kisses and hugs from Dianne x x x

by dlmds 29 Mar 2008

Thank you cutiepie for sharing this picture of your two little cutiepies. It looks like a double exposurer. I think it will be hard to tell them apart, of course Mommies know when no one elce does. They are very precious, you and daddy did a great job!! Hugs, and a flower.

by izzy 29 Mar 2008

What a beautiful project! Congratulations :o)

by diannem 29 Mar 2008

Excellent Design and the work you have put into this project is absolutely fabulous...Congratulations and big Nana type hugs to you wee men..Cheers Dianne..

by beeboomer 29 Mar 2008

OH, aren't they cute! And they look terrific! Thank you for taking the time to share the picture with us all.

I have to confess when I first started to read your caption I thought you were going to say it was so worth it you were ready to start on another similar "project!"

1 comment
cutiepie by cutiepie 31 Mar 2008

Uh . . . NO. Not yet, at least.

by creativemamatoday 29 Mar 2008

cute babies. enjoy everything about them.

by kttyhwk4 29 Mar 2008

How precious. Your family is truely blessed.

by iris2006 29 Mar 2008

SOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUTE, Congratulations to you, your husband and your son Lian. CONGRATULATIONS

by clawton 29 Mar 2008

They are so adorable! Bet family is so proud of them. How is Liam reacting to them? I had asked one time how you decided which twin had what name before they were born. But I don't think you saw the ?. Do you mind sharing that?

clawton by clawton 29 Mar 2008

They look to be identical. I see a bit more of a chin dimple on Tommy unless it is the way he is sleeping.

cutiepie by cutiepie 31 Mar 2008

I've decided it's too early to decide if they are identical or not. Danny weighs a good 8 oz more than Tommy, and that's a whole lot when Tommy only weighs 3 lbs 7 oz altogether!

As for who is who, I decided before I knew they were twins that I was going to name "him" Daniel or "her" Olivia. Then, when we found out that it was twins, I thought maybe I'd be able to use both names I'd picked. As it happens, when they do ultrasounds on twins here, they kind of arbitrarily proclaim one to be twin "A" and one to be twin "B" and those designations stick for the entire pregnancy (so they can keep track). When it turned out that it was twin boys, Daniel immediately became the name for twin "A" and I went back to my list of potential names for another. I found out that one of the meanings of the name Thomas is "twin". That was all it took to clinch the deal. Tommy was Tommy from that moment on.

clawton by clawton 06 Apr 2008

Thank you so much for anwsering my question. I knew there had to be something behind the naming.

by anna25775 29 Mar 2008

they are adorable cutiepie! God bless them, you and the rest of your family. flowers for you all

by tmjanecek 29 Mar 2008

They are so CUTE!!! Again, congratulations!

by bonita1313 29 Mar 2008

Congratulations Cutiepie!

by kndcash 29 Mar 2008

What a precious gift from God. You have been greatly blessed. Everyones prayers have been answered, may God continue to bless you all. Te boys are just beautiful, congratulations. Give them hugs and kisses from all of us.Such wonderful memories.

by brendaleas 29 Mar 2008

how that I have quit crying over the beauiful picture. Cong. Mommy and Daddy, and Big Brother.
I don't know you personal, but I fell like I do! that's because we all are in the family of God. So in a way these two spcical babies are a part of our family too. So CUTE, You must take a picture of them with their big brother and post that too.
flowers for all.

1 comment
cutiepie by cutiepie 31 Mar 2008

I will do that, as soon as I can. Liam is too young to be allowed to go into the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit), so he has only seen them through the visitor's window himself. Hopefully, they will be able to come home in less than a month (they are eating well and gaining weight, so the prognosis is good) and then we will see what happens next.

by brendaleas 29 Mar 2008

What a blessing to have them here! and health.
Dear Lord Bless your gifts to this special family, keep the boys in your hand of safety, bless the older brother too Lord. Give the family a touch of love from all of us here on cute. Give cutiepie a specail touch in her heart and soul and the father of these your gifts of love. May the children grown to know your loving ways. Amen

by marjialexa Moderator 29 Mar 2008

Thank you for letting us share your joy! I who write am without words for this miracle. Love, Marji

by dlonnahawkins 29 Mar 2008

cutiepie - no one can beat that project - and it is still a project in progress. How precious. It will be nice to see them as the grow. Please keep posting the updates. Blessing to you and your sweet family.

by sanjoy51 29 Mar 2008

Cutiepie thank you for letting us see your two beautiful boys they are so cute and good looking. Cant wait to see how they look in 12 months. They are handsome now, the girls will love them. That was an excellent project, great work. Sandra H, from Australia.

by dkjack 29 Mar 2008

Cutiepie you have the award for posting the best project ever. Your sons are precious. I'm sure the cute family looks forward to watching them grow up. :)

by blessinge 29 Mar 2008

Aren't they just the custest little guys you ever laid your eyes on?

1 comment
cutiepie by cutiepie 31 Mar 2008

Well, I'm a bit biased, but I would have to say that if you add Liam to the count, that YES they are the cutest little guys I've ever seen.

by maryjo 29 Mar 2008

The best projects are the ones we put heart and soul into. You have done yourself proud with this one. But it ain't done yet...this will take years and years to complete. They are a work in progress. And OMG do they look exactly alike or what. Take care, and we want to see them as they grow. And hear stories of their wacky mishaps. Love and prayers to you and all 4 of your boys.

by freida 29 Mar 2008

They are just beautiful. You have done a great job. God Bless you and the little miracles!

by babyred 29 Mar 2008

Cutiepie, Your boys are beautiful! Congratulations!

by marymoore 29 Mar 2008

they are adorable congrats and lots of love

by sorval 29 Mar 2008

congratulations with your twin boy's this is real great work lol a flower for you gr sonja

by letvia 29 Mar 2008

Ohhh Cutiepie, they are really beautiful. I am so happy to see them. Congratulations to you, your husband and your son Lian. God Bless you all. Flower and XoXo

by sufferingsonje 29 Mar 2008

Well done on this project. I turned out so beautifully. You managed 2-in-1. May they go from strength to strength. Hug for Liam.

by ruthie 29 Mar 2008

Awww shucks, cutiepie, you've really done a fantastic job on these two *projects*, they're absolutely adorable. Congrats to you and your DH, hugs and flowers sweetie.

by jrob Moderator 29 Mar 2008

What an amazing blessing that has been bestowed on your family. Please let them know through their baby book, how diligently they were prayer for and how God looked upon them with love and brought them to you and your family. Not every baby is so well received, so you must let them know how special they are to lots of folks around the world. They truly are beautiful or for their dad handsome.;)

by persiancatlover 29 Mar 2008

cutepie you have 2 verry beautiful twin sons they are so sweet,take good care of them and the rest of your family,congradulations to you and your husband

by nglover1 29 Mar 2008

Cutiepie , Thank You for sharing Danny & Tommy's picture with the Cute family ( Now they & Liam have lots of Aunts & Grandma'a all over the world. )They are soooooooooo precious. I know Liam is excited to have TWO new brothers. Take care of yourself & your husband and your THREE BOYS . (dosen't that sound NICE )

by tmbache 29 Mar 2008

Cutiepie,Congratulation on little Tommy and Danny,they are the most precious little bundle of joy I've ever seen. If they were premies I would never of guessed.Dark hair so cute. Think little Tommy will be my favorite as my only sons name was Tommy to. Now is that Danny and Tommy or Danile and Thomas? Either way dosn't matter. Take care of your self and other son and that dear sweet hubby of yours. Bet you can't wait till they ae home and in your care 24/7. God Bless you and your lovely family. A dozen red roses to you all.

1 comment
tmbache by tmbache 29 Mar 2008

Cutiepie, hope you don't mine I printed your little boys picture off and put in a frame up beside my grand kids. I'll be an silent internet grammie. they are just so darling. love to all

by kezza2sew 29 Mar 2008

Cutiepie, Well done. I am so pleased for you all. They certainly are DARLING. Wish I could Hug you and the babies. This puts a lovely smile on my face. Please look after your self so you can have lots of fun when Bubs come home. Love Kerry

by nurselilly 29 Mar 2008

OHHHHHHHHHH My i must say they are the CUTEST project ive seen and must i say they do not look too prem which is gr8 all the best and congratulations to you and your family take care :) * 4 u

by bigdee 29 Mar 2008

They are just your cutest bundle of joy. Savour every minute with them------because before you know it they will be in their 20's. Like mine------my youngest will be 21 on the 1 April and my other son is 25--yes 2 on the same day! Where has the time gone????????

by lorettag28 29 Mar 2008

Cutiepie, how adorable, Danny and Tommy are just so sweet, can I visit you? Which hospital are they in? I could be one of the ones that takes turns rocking these bundle of joy. This old lady doesn't have all that much time with cuties like this. They are so sweet and would love to hold them. You can email me, if you want? Hint in my file. A flower for all three of you and little Liam and your husband, too!

by sandralochran 29 Mar 2008

They are darlings Take care and enjoy. They will grow up quickly!!

by mollymarie 29 Mar 2008

Wonderful they are just delightful. Please keep us up to date on their progress

by lyn4 29 Mar 2008

I am so pleased all has worked out well for you. I hope big brother will settle quickly too. Hubby certainly has the numbers on his side. A beautiful project!

by cutiepie 29 Mar 2008

Forgot to note: Danny is on the left, Tommy is on the right. =]

lorettag28 by lorettag28 29 Mar 2008

they are adorable. TY

shirlener88 by shirlener88 29 Mar 2008

They are cute - cutiepie. *4U

by joaniessw 29 Mar 2008

I have been waiting patiently... well trying to :P. Most LOVELY project ever. Ever soooo sweet. Hugs and Lots of flowers. You deserve them and more. Congrat again my dear and sooo happy all is well. Blessings,