by jkdavis1996 20 Mar 2011

When I saw this fabric, I thought of 10tje's Monkey face...I think it is adorable...but maybe not too funny for Moms with brand new babies...but the ones that prolong the timeline of cleaning up burps. :) Thank you so much 10tje for sharing with us.


by tippi 23 Mar 2011

Great job. Very cute

by 10tje 23 Mar 2011

Well done!!

by oaro 23 Mar 2011

Another great project

by arisann 22 Mar 2011

TOO Cute!!

by pldc 20 Mar 2011

this is really cute, do you mind if I ask you what size it is? The green looks to be about 2-2.5" border, & the white maybe 8.5-9"? I am trying to make some of these too! TIA

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jkdavis1996 by jkdavis1996 22 Mar 2011

The border is 2.5 and the towel is 10 x 16. I used one of the prefolded diapers from a pack. I had originally cut the fabric 3 inches longer than the diaper on each side and then did 1/4 turn under. I don't know how the math makes it only a 2 1/2 inch border...but sewing is still a mystery to me. ::)

by lindalee757 20 Mar 2011

cute Karen-I love the fabric ~linda~

by shirlener88 20 Mar 2011

Karen, this is cute.

by devon 20 Mar 2011

Every cute!!

by ramona 20 Mar 2011

I think it's really cute! Thanks for sharing.

by noah 20 Mar 2011

I love it!!! My brother has a door stopper made of plastic with all 4 of these monkeys on it sooooooooo cute carolyn