by tanuja 26 Mar 2008

My favourite piece of work ,just wanted to share with u all.


by lbrow 22 Apr 2008

So very fragile looking. very pretty *4U

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tanuja by tanuja 23 Apr 2008

thks a lot

by kttyhwk4 22 Apr 2008

Really nice....looks like a fun project

tanuja by tanuja 23 Apr 2008

thks a lot , it is a bit tricky but fun

tanuja by tanuja 23 Apr 2008

thks a lot , it is a bit tricky but fun

by shirleysisson 22 Apr 2008

This is so beautiful, tanuju. Is it one of Belinda's designs?

tanuja by tanuja 23 Apr 2008

thks,it is not belinda's. does she have a site?

shirleysisson by shirleysisson 24 Apr 2008

If you did this at Bernina in Joburg, it must be one of Belinda Burger's designs. I did the class with her at Bernina in Kenilworth, CT. Her website is She does beautiful digitizing.

tanuja by tanuja 25 Apr 2008

thks will chk, are u from SA , iam from maputo.

by roxsy 22 Apr 2008

Love it.Read your comment how to do it.Now tell us where we can find design.Flower for you

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tanuja by tanuja 23 Apr 2008

thks, it is a design specialy made for this project by the bernina out let in jo-burg SA.

by simplyrosie 22 Apr 2008

Oh my... this is lovely and unique.

by nini 28 Mar 2008

It's the first time I see a work like this and I'm thrilled with it. Beautiful! Flower for it.

by dlonnahawkins 28 Mar 2008

Very Nice! this might be a challenge to try.

by blessinge 27 Mar 2008

Amazing! I love it, nice job.

by anna25775 27 Mar 2008

WOW, I am er...... rather speechless, this is such a beauty! well done, flowers come your way

by ruthie 27 Mar 2008

So beautiful, sweetie, hugs and a flower for you, tanuja.

by tanuja 27 Mar 2008

thank u everyone for ur nice comments. a flower to u all.

by dkjack 27 Mar 2008

Very pretty. Thanks for sharing - *4U

by nglover1 26 Mar 2008

So pretty . You did a good job. Where did the design come from? a flower for you.

by jrob Moderator 26 Mar 2008

I love the 3D effect. Looks like a fun project!;)

by shirlener88 26 Mar 2008

Where do you get this design? I would love to learn how to do this! *4U

by dlmds 26 Mar 2008

Nice flower, thank you for sharing. H.*.

by joaniessw 26 Mar 2008

That is a cute little *. TY 4 sharing. *4U

by iris2006 26 Mar 2008

Thanks for sharing *4U

by clawton 26 Mar 2008

Unique, very pretty

by gerryvb 26 Mar 2008

don't know how you did it, but it sure looks great !

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tanuja by tanuja 26 Mar 2008

thks a lot

by shirlener88 26 Mar 2008

tanuja, WOW - how did you do this lovely ribbon embroidery? I have never seen anything like this. Please give us more details. *4U Shirlene

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tanuja by tanuja 26 Mar 2008

hi shirlene it is not a very difficult as the design tells u when to insert the ribbon, it is more like applique.