by fannyfurkin 09 Mar 2011

I can now say this is the strangest thing I have ever embroidered on.


by oaro 13 Mar 2011

very nice done

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fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 14 Mar 2011

Thank you

by mnladyus 11 Mar 2011

Very nice. Good idea for advertising. I'm going to make a new wheel cover for the little camper, I should embroider something on it. I wonder how well it will hold up to the sun and the weather. Maybe I'll make it and just put it on when I'm going to my shows. Great idea, thanks for sharing.

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fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 14 Mar 2011

That is an extremely good point about the weather. I will be observing it for myself. I bought one of those printed silly cat covers once and it faded completely within a couple of months. So I am hoping that as poly thread is durable and colorfast it might last, we will wait and see. My car does not get garaged anymore because I have my studio in the garage so it is out in the weather all the time.

by beatie58 11 Mar 2011

Wow! Well Done! I will now know who I am following down the Bruce....

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fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 14 Mar 2011

So true Sally. Make sure you honk your horn if you see me. giggle.

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Mar 2011

Great idea and gives you advertising for free at the same time so that cannot be bad

by mranderson 09 Mar 2011

Love it!!!!!! Very eyecatching. Sexy and clever!!!!!!!!!

by katydid 09 Mar 2011

I love it!!!

by nonna57 09 Mar 2011

Alice, Great job but hey check out the car Number plate :)))))

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 09 Mar 2011

Pauline I inherited the number plate from my husband, he had it on a Transam. but he sod it and bought me a sylvia and it looked really good on my little red sports car. I sold that because it was not very practical. I guess when you drive a white Rav 4 you have to have something different about it. Every second around here has a white Rav (ok that might be exaggerating) every third person.

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 09 Mar 2011

i meant every second person.

by pennifold 09 Mar 2011

That looks fantastic Alice. What a great way of advertising your business too. I used to love Licorice all sorts. Don't eat sweets anymore, but still crave them occasionally. Love Chris

by noah 09 Mar 2011

lol it is excellent Alice people will remember the candy if nothing else!!lol carolyn

by muflotex 09 Mar 2011

Hope you new ad works as good as it looks - great.

by iris2006 09 Mar 2011

Well done Alice and I hope it will bring a lot of customers so youm can use your new machine soon

by iris2006 09 Mar 2011

Well done Alice and I hope it will bring a lot of customers so youm can use your new machine soon

by trovato 09 Mar 2011

It is a great way to make funny thinge where no one would think of. I think it is great, Yvonne

by rwalden 09 Mar 2011

Wow...this looks great. What a terrific way to advertise.

by quilter124 09 Mar 2011

Boy, does this ever get your attention....what better way to show what you can do than doing it on your spare tire cover.....yea for you....

by mysew1325 09 Mar 2011

now this is very clever..

by kkcogle 09 Mar 2011

nicely done!

by sewdeb 09 Mar 2011

Beautiful and very eye catching! I'm sure it's going to drum up business for you! *4U

by designgirl 09 Mar 2011

WOW, it turned out great.

by ermaplatt 09 Mar 2011

I would certainly notice it if i saw it going down the road. I like that you can read the phone # so easily, great idea. =0)

by smithandsmith 09 Mar 2011

Looks great Alice!

by edithfarminer 09 Mar 2011

Super Idea and like the words all sorts with sweets to match. will catch the eye. Good luck

by stickmuster 09 Mar 2011

wooow,looks great, great idea for advertising ************

by fannyfurkin 09 Mar 2011

Well it looked a bit better after my "anal" husband straightened it up for me. please don't slap me for my choice of words, my husband is "anal" (pedantic) that is one of the things I love about him, and sometimes hate about him. OH well, you can't have it all.

lindalee757 by lindalee757 09 Mar 2011

LMAO-looks great Alice- BTW- if it fits-go for it and follow the yellow brick road =O) ~linda~

bowlds by bowlds 09 Mar 2011


by airyfairy 09 Mar 2011

Alice this is great. What a wonderful way to advertise. I hope it brings you lots of customers. Sarah.

by shirlener88 09 Mar 2011

Alice - this sure shows your work - that is for sure - great job.

by jasanne 09 Mar 2011

It looks really great though, hope the advertising works for you :)

by mi30kaja 09 Mar 2011

Never thought of using a Steering Wheel cover for this. Now I can see why you wanted to stitch onto Vinyl. Must buy some Licorice Allsorts. Hope you get some business from this. Lyn

by pldc 09 Mar 2011

wow this is my favorite candy! well done!

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pldc by pldc 09 Mar 2011

well actually my fav is M& M peanuts but I like the yellow & pink ones & the little blue jelly bits too!

by shazells 09 Mar 2011

Well Done ****