by beckybowman 16 Feb 2011

Callie Parker Adams

7 lbs 9 oz
19 1/2 inches long
She is great so far, thank God you can live with one kidney, since only one of her is functioning. Please continue to remember her in your prayers. Other than this she is perfect and so sweet!


by teun 19 Feb 2011

Oh, ist die Süss

by stickmuster 18 Feb 2011

She is so sweet. I wish her good health and strength that they can overcome the initial difficulties of life even at this young age. Hugs Hilde

by pldc 17 Feb 2011

she is a beautiful gift from up above! prayers & best wishes for all concerned!

by kttyhwk4 16 Feb 2011

How precious is this? Beautiful name too.

by rwalden 16 Feb 2011

She's precious. So glad she is doing well and I pray she will continue to do well.

by ramona 16 Feb 2011

What a little precious angel. Praise the Lord she is doing so well.

by dilceia 16 Feb 2011

Oh!! Just beautiful! congrats

by sukiray 16 Feb 2011

Dear Becky,
Callie is so adorable, and so alert. My Granddaughter was born with one kidney, and she's 19 years old and doing fine. I will have Callie and the family in my thoughts and prayers.

by gerryvb 16 Feb 2011

how adorable! bless the lord for this sweet and lovely miracle. prayers for her health :)

by teresanta 16 Feb 2011

Bellissima!!!! Beautiful!

by noah 16 Feb 2011

Shes beautiful God bless her carolyn

by shilly 16 Feb 2011

thanks for the lovely picture; my dad lived most of his life with half a kidney-he was very strong physically and had no problems.

by ermaplatt 16 Feb 2011

Beautiful,never get tired of seeing baby pictures. My niece had only one functioning kidney when she was born she is now 21, and in college. praying for all to go well. =0)

by gayle950 16 Feb 2011

She is beautiful and will pray for Callie and her family.

by tiply 16 Feb 2011

Oh very nice!!

by rmj8939 16 Feb 2011

Such a sweetie. Glad she is doing ok.

by shirlener88 16 Feb 2011

Oh my Callie Parker Adams is a lovely baby - we will continue to pray for her and the family. Thanks for letting us know she is here. *4U

by milas 16 Feb 2011

E' bellissima!!! is true she is perfect, beautiful and so sweet....

by keeponsewing 16 Feb 2011

How sweet and look her eyes are opened at such a few hours. Amazing! Congrats to you and family. :) Cute name too. She looks like a Callie. You'll have to get busy making baby things. :)

by leenova54 16 Feb 2011

Oh how sweet. Hope she is a healthy happy baby!

by airyfairy 16 Feb 2011

Beautiful baby. I am so pleased that she is doing fine with one kidney.