by beckybowman 15 Feb 2011

28 years ago I made a bonnet for my first niece, it was made out of a hanky and when she married she undid the stitches of the bonnet and used it to make the ring bearer pillow. How awesome it is to make a bonnet for her baby girl that will be born tomorrow. Welcome to the world Callie Parker!


by stickmuster 15 Feb 2011

Beautiful bonnet, thanks for sharing *******

by rmj8939 15 Feb 2011

What a beautiful family tradition.

by sewensue 15 Feb 2011

Awesome you are right could you share the direction with us? thanks you Sue

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beckybowman by beckybowman 16 Feb 2011

It is really easy. You can buy a hanky. I made mine, 12x12 piece of fabric. Placed lace around all sides to make the hanky. Then fold over the front maybe 3/4 the length of the hanky and then fold the back to meet the front. Tack down, gather the back side at the bottom tightly and tie off. Then just sew the ribbon on for ties. If this is confusing let me know and I will try to post some pics or something to make it easier to understand. It really is simple. There are several saying that you can put with the hanky when giving as a gift. If your interested let me know and I will get them to you.

by juanitadenney 15 Feb 2011

I have never heard of this but what an awesome thing to do with a hankie. Flowers for you and the best of everything this world has to offer for little Callie.

by castelyn 15 Feb 2011

Becky that is lovely. Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs Yvonne *4u

by shirlener88 15 Feb 2011

How wonderful Becky - keep the tradition going - I say!

by milas 15 Feb 2011

beautiful things...... long lasting!