by smithandsmith 11 Feb 2011

Seems like we are all going to baby showers lately. I made these for a baby shower i went to last week and i'll be making more for my nieces shower soon. I posted them to design by cuties for you.

Hugs Lee


by alexgrandma 12 Feb 2011

Thank You!! They are so cute!!

by srgsallie 12 Feb 2011

where can i purchase this sucker design and more like it. im expecting my first grandchild and baby shower needs to be planned.

by stickmuster 12 Feb 2011

Lee, this is the perfect lollipop pacifier, not just for babies! Hahaha......

by rwalden 11 Feb 2011

These are just too cute. Thanks Lee for sharing your designs.

by beckybowman 11 Feb 2011

Too cute. Thanks for posting!

by lulu07 11 Feb 2011

Too cute, great idea!

by bluedaisy 11 Feb 2011

Lee you create the neatest things! Bravo to you!

by shirlener88 11 Feb 2011

This is a cute idea for a baby shower. *4U

by noah 11 Feb 2011

These are for all adults as there playing a game of card!!!one for every mouth,no complaining now lol carolyn

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nannynorfolk by nannynorfolk 11 Feb 2011

Lol Carolyn

by oara 11 Feb 2011

very nice job

by keeponsewing 11 Feb 2011

What a GREAT Baby Shower add-on. Everyone will love these and not just the mom. ;)I'm sure something other than lollipops could fit in there, maybe a pencil or pen when you are playing the games or something?

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 11 Feb 2011

great idea! I never thought of that. It could be a little gift for the guests. Would be nice if you could find pens or pencils in pink or blue. Thank you!
Hugs Lee