by smithandsmith 10 Feb 2011

I've been to a few baby showers and i have a couple more to still to attend. Here are a couple little gifts i made to put with the other gifts.These where for a little girl. I like to hang little things off the gift and make it more baby. If cuties would like the designs just let me know. I'd be happy to put them on Cute for you.

Hugs Lee


by stickmuster 12 Feb 2011

is just adorable **********

by marisabizz 11 Feb 2011

Bellissimi!!!! Complimenti....

by cj2sew 11 Feb 2011

I luv this site. So many ideas and, such nice people that share. Your designs are sew cute.

by iris2006 11 Feb 2011

Lee, this makes a gift very special and cute and you are always busy. It is nice to pout them in DBC nut only if you have time and be satisfied with the result. :0)

by rmj8939 11 Feb 2011


by mysew1325 10 Feb 2011

very cute..

by oara 10 Feb 2011

great gift

by robinbird 10 Feb 2011

These baby gift tags are so adorable. Yes,of course I'd like to see them added to the free designs.Would you be able to make a set to fit in 4x4 &5x7 hoop also? Thanks for your willingness to share them& God bless.:~D

by nannynorfolk 10 Feb 2011

Ooooh.just gorgeous.. please, please share them with us.. hugs and a *4u -Marie

by pcteddyb 10 Feb 2011

Yes, please would love it if you would share - yet another great design - with us.

by annyn 10 Feb 2011

Yes I like the designs. Please put them on DBC.

by bumblebee 10 Feb 2011

Adorable! I am making some baby doll stuff and this
will work great!
Thank You!

by pldc 10 Feb 2011

thanks in advance Lee, I have 2 more showers this month, Hugs Loralye

by keeponsewing 10 Feb 2011

ARE YOU CRAZY???? OF COURSE WE WANT THOSE DESIGNS! hehehehe.... Am I being greedy? LOL... Thes are just precious and you do an outstanding job!

keeponsewing by keeponsewing 10 Feb 2011

PS. I am being greedy cause I didn't ask if the Mother to be like them. LOL... But I'm sure everyone did.

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 10 Feb 2011

lol... to tell the truth , yes at times i do go a little This week has been crazy. Kid(teens) grrrrrrr
I would like the baby face a little cuter :)

keeponsewing by keeponsewing 11 Feb 2011

Bring her mouth up a little bit, or maybe make it an "0" and some lashes on her eyes. I think the curl idea is good also. You might be able to even include a small bottom tooth... Just throwing out some suggestions. I think a few more details for the girl will distinguish her from the boy doll.

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 11 Feb 2011

Great ideas, love the little tooth and my daghter said the same thing about the It always looks good on paper until you stuff it , it's hard to see whats going to happen. Thank you :)

by katmug 10 Feb 2011

How adorable! Bet baby and mum love your gifts!!! Of course we would love to have them! Do you need to ask? LOL! Thanks ,Kathy

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 10 Feb 2011

lol.. thank you Kathy, but i think i would have to work on the baby a bit more, it just doesn't look cute enough yet:)

bevintex by bevintex 10 Feb 2011

She needs a big fat curl right in the middle of her head.

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 10 Feb 2011

yes ! great idea and i think a cuter smile too
thank you :)

by noah 10 Feb 2011

Cute lee but i don't think the baby will eat the candy BUT MOMMA will lol nice job!!!carolyn

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 10 Feb 2011

lol... for sure Thank you Carolyn

by shirlener88 10 Feb 2011

Very cute and you always working aren't you?

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 10 Feb 2011

i try Shirlene :)

by quiltgrama 10 Feb 2011

Nice job Lee you are quite creative, Hugs Lisa

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 10 Feb 2011

Thank you Lisa, i have a list and it just keeps
Hugs Lee

by rwalden 10 Feb 2011

Love them Lee. It would be great if you would share them here on Cute.

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 10 Feb 2011

thank you, i'll post them soon
hugs lee

by leenova54 10 Feb 2011

Those are adorable!

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smithandsmith by smithandsmith 10 Feb 2011

thank you, i made one for a boy too and wrote i'm a boy on the head , with a blue pacifier

by teresanta 10 Feb 2011


by bevintex 10 Feb 2011

I love the pacifier, i know a couple of big kids who can use one of these LOL

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 10 Feb 2011

LOL.. ya me too. My teenage kids, when i ask them to do something.....

jasanne by jasanne 10 Feb 2011

ditto! and my girls aren't teens yet