by mommajo 02 Jan 2011

After the holidays one of the things I look for are towels, table runners, ect that I can use for embroidery of quick and inexpensive gifts. I use this simple free design found here at cute. I enlarged it just a bit. The person I gave it to loved it.


by keeponsewing 03 Jan 2011

This is so pretty. I hate that Gone Sewing has closed. At least this is what I read on sewforum.

by rwalden 03 Jan 2011

It looks great. Nice work.

by iris2006 03 Jan 2011

Lovely tablerunner ans the add of the Xmas design give it some extra detail

by rmj8939 03 Jan 2011

Good idea. People like the little extra.

by juanitadenney 03 Jan 2011

This is lovely. Anyone receiving this would surely treasure it. Flowers for you and everyone.

by claudenicolas 03 Jan 2011

It is a nice gift

by pennifold 02 Jan 2011

This is gorgeous "Jo" I love the quilted effect. Also the Christmas tree adds a festive touch. Well done and keep on sewing up these lovely gifts.

Love and blessings Chris

by oaro 02 Jan 2011

very nice

by shirlener88 02 Jan 2011

mommajo, this is lovely work - keep on stitching. *4U

by dlonnahawkins 02 Jan 2011

I too look for table runners and placemats, and now napkins so that I "Might" do up for a gift. Trouble with that is that I am running out of room for my projects that I want to do. But, this is a great job.

by noah 02 Jan 2011

So it this a placemat???It looks lovely no wonder she liked it:):)Carolyn

mommajo by mommajo 02 Jan 2011

No it is a table runner, it was long. I liked it so much that I wanted to keep it for myself,lol.

noah by noah 02 Jan 2011

thanks !!