by mommajo 02 Jan 2011

Trying to send again for photo.


by emily16838 03 Jan 2011

Great job

by dilceia 02 Jan 2011

very nice job!

by bonnetgirl 02 Jan 2011

So cute

by oaro 02 Jan 2011

very nice job

by shirlener88 02 Jan 2011

mommajo, these are darling - thanks for posting them - usually we can double click on the picture and see it larger - but with yours - we can not - this small size is hard to view - but knowing the designs - I know what they look like - hope you enjoyed working with them and will use them again. *4U

by dixie 02 Jan 2011

They are cute
My Husband was a photographer and I too hard trouble trying to load pictures but he has to set the camera pixels as low as it will go otherwise their is too many pixels which is why we cannot load the pictures as they have a limit to the size of the photo on the site. Hope this will help

by dlonnahawkins 02 Jan 2011

Nice work - and glad you got the pic in - I know that I had to play with my pictures when I first started posting my things. I finally had my hubby do something to my camera so that I do not have to do anything - now I would not know how to set my camera back to normal. LOL

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mommajo by mommajo 02 Jan 2011

hmm maybe i will try that, change the camera , thanks for your help

by noah 02 Jan 2011

these look nice i have not made these you did a great job!!!carolyn

by pennifold 02 Jan 2011

These are lovely designs. Congratulations on working out how to download the pictures. Again this one is a bit small. LOL - I wear glasses and I need things to be a bit bigger these days to have a proper look. Sorry I don't mean to offend you. I hope you can work out how to make it a bit bigger please. Love and blessings Chris