by brendaleas 20 Feb 2008

I crocheted around the sleeves and neck and bottom in red yarn, them embroideied the flower girl , them heat set the crystal around the picture in a heart shape


by shirlener88 20 Feb 2008

Here is a flower for a very well done project with a cute little flower girl on your sweet beautiful young gal. I really like the crochet around the sleeves, neck and bottom. Shirlene

by clawton 20 Feb 2008

Oh so cute. Her beaming smile says she likes it also.

by stickmuster 20 Feb 2008

simply sweetly like the small girl: -)

by jrob Moderator 20 Feb 2008

Cute, idea and even cuter little girl! She looks so proud and rightfully so! ;)

by mops Moderator 20 Feb 2008

I love it! Nice idea to have the heart around the embroidery. We can see how happy she is! Flower for you.