by simplyrosie 13 Dec 2010

My dearest friend Sandy, who moved to Texas from San Diego to live close to me (and bought a house 2 streets over), bought the new Baby Lock long arm machine a few months ago. The perks of having a friend, I get all the quilting I need done for free. :-) This is a lap quilt I sent to my Dad today. He just had knee surgery on both legs, so I'm sure he'll appreciate having this covering his legs while he recovers.


by pldc 15 Dec 2010

Right On Nice Job!

by sewdeb 15 Dec 2010

What a beautiful gift! I'm sure your dad will love it.

by mops Moderator 15 Dec 2010

It's lovely, I like the colours (like blue anyway). I think your dad will be proud of you!

by tippi 15 Dec 2010

Very pretty. Your Dad will love it. Especially since you made it for him. Love the colors you used.

by dlonnahawkins 14 Dec 2010

Very nice - you have been one very busy girl. And nice that you have a CA friend in Texas.

by ramona 14 Dec 2010

Very nice and he'll absolutely love it. Take her to dinner every now and then or buy her thread. Keeps her in practice and is handy for you! Flowers for all.

by noah 13 Dec 2010

Oh Teri you are very blessed & I hope you know it to have a friend like that !!!Your quilt is really lovely carolyn

by oaro 13 Dec 2010

lovely work

by alex71 13 Dec 2010

What a lovely quilt*

by shirlener88 13 Dec 2010

Teri, this is amazing - I know your Dad will be so proud to use this - great work lady. *4U